Irregular Bangladeshis in Saudi Arabia urged to return | 2017-07-28 |

Irregular Bangladeshis in Saudi Arabia urged to return

They can go there again thru' legal channels, says Bangladesh envoy

UNB     28th July, 2017 07:56:24 printer

Irregular Bangladeshis in Saudi Arabia urged to return

Bangladesh Ambassador in Riyadh Golam Moshi has urged all 'irregular' Bangladeshis living in Saudi Arabia to return home and re-enter the country through legal channels.

"They (irregular Bangladeshis) can go to Saudi Arabia legally again...there'll be no problem," he said.

The Ambassador also urged the Bangladeshis there not to tarnish Bangladesh's image by getting involved in illegal activities.

He was addressing an opinion-exchange meeting in Dammam, a Saudi city, on Thursday, said an official release on Friday.

The Ambassador said the Bangladesh Embassy will remain beside the Bangladeshi expatriates in  need.

"The door of the Embassy remains open for all Bangladeshi expatriates for any help," Ambassador Moshi was quoted as saying.

Recalling the huge contributions of Bangladeshi expatriates to the country's economy through remittance inflow, the envoy said he will try to make the process easier further.

He said the government has given permission to two new private banks to open branches in Saudi Arabia and these two banks will soon start their operations there on completion of necessary process.

Ambassador Moshi said he is trying to provide life insurance facilities for the expatriate Bangladeshis.

He said the Embassy is working hard so that the expatriate Bangladeshis do not face any harassment while obtaining passports.

"It's expatriates' rights to get passport timely. The Embassy is providing services to that end," he said.

Appreciating Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's role, Moshi said the government is working sincerely for the welfare of Bangladeshi expatriates.

He said Bangladesh's image will further be boosted abroad through the works of expatriate Bangladeshis.

Counselor (labour) at the Bangladesh Embassy M Sarwar Alam, First Secretary (labour) M Asaduzzaman, second secretary (press) M Fakhrul Islam and Sonali Bank deputy-general manager M Abdul Wahab, were, among others, spoke on the occasion.

On Wednesday, Chief Executive Officer Fahad Al Sulaim of Eastern Recruitment, a manpower recruiting company of Saudi Arabia, told Moshi that they will recruit 3,000 workers from Bangladesh to various professions this year.