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Happiness in the hills

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Happiness in the hills


Garh Panchkot, a dilapidated fortress, is situated in Eastern India, on the foothills of Panchet hills in Purulia district.


It dates back to the 18th century, when it belonged to Raja Damodar Sekhar Rao.


The ruins stand as a silent testimonial of the Bargi attacks by the Marathi cavalry under Nagpur ruler Raghoji 1 Bhonsle. Garh Panchkot is a five-hour journey from Howrah.


Reaching the Barakar station, we took a car to Panchet. Besides train, it is also convenient to travel by road. Amidst the ruins, which covers a vast area, lays a stone temple dedicated to Rama, the king of Ayodhya.


The fort is enclosed with an outgrowth of wild bamboo trees and can be entered only after crossing a huge moat by the waterways. The south of Panchet comprises of terracotta models, five-roofed nine temples, secret prisons and tunnels. In the north can be seen a stone temple, amidst the wilderness of sal, eucalyptus and bamboos. Cutting through them makes way a miniature waterfall.


Those dwelling on the hills, lead a happy and peaceful life amidst calmness and serenity. The lush greenery of the place evokes the essence of lost humanity and attracts tourists to the purity it offers. A variety of birds around not only catches the eyes but also fills the ears with melodious cacophonies. Wild animals, especially hyenas can be heard or even spotted occasionally.


Other than sightseeing, the place has to offer a number of winter activities for the tourists like camping, trekking, rock climbing among others.


Dams under the Damodar Valley Corporation are major spots for sightseeing in the area. Also walking by the Panchet Dam, which is partly in West Bengal and partly in Jharkhand, at sunrise or sunset is a refreshing experience.


The 4.6 km long dam is a reservoir for the Damodar River, being the largest dam constructed under the Damodar Valley Corporation project. It has 15 huge gates and holds over 1, 21,4000 acres of water.


Besides Panchkot, the other attractive zones that one can explore nearby are Konar, Durgapur, Mejia, Chandrapura and Chullapani. Coordinat.