Incredibly rare white snake found in Australia | 2017-08-02 |

Incredibly rare white snake found in Australia

Sun Online Desk     2nd August, 2017 09:14:12 printer

Incredibly rare white snake found in Australia

A white snake was discovered in Australia with an "incredibly rare mutation" that left its skin a brilliant, pearly shade.


The slaty-grey snake, usually dark brown in colour, was born with an 'incredibly rare genetic mutation', according to Territory Wildlife Park. The snake was rescued from the wild and handed over to the park by a local, according to their Facebook post. Slaty-grey snakes are non-venomous and native to Australia.


In the comments section of their post, the park clarified that the snake is not albino but leucistic, meaning that there is partial loss of pigmentation in an animal. The black eyes of the reptile prove that it is leucistic, since albino animals have pink eyes.


The non-venomous snake was rescued while being attacked by a dog. Territory Wildlife Park says it will now be put on display.


 According to Darwin Snake Catchers, it is interesting that the snake survived into adulthood, as its lack of colouring provides no camouflage, making it an easy target for predators.