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14 great trips around the world for singles

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14 great trips around the world for singles


Being single comes with its own perks and problems. While there are occasional bouts of loneliness, we would not trade it for anything, right? When we say ‘celebrating singlehood’, travelling grabs a prime spot along with the freedom and enjoying solo life. And there are places around the world that will look very different when you visit them alone. Try visiting them again after getting hitched; you will know what we are saying! For now, here is our list of trips that you should take while you are single:



New York City


The world talks about the American Dream and America dreams about New York City (NYC). This uber cool metropolis is the epicentre of all the hot and happening things in the world. If NYC does not have it, the world does not have it. Simple as that! Take a solo tour across the length and width of New York and feel the pulse of the city on your own.




There is a reason why from Pink Floyd to Vengaboys, all wrote songs about Ibiza. This tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea is the ultimate party capital of the world. Party like there’s no tomorrow at the bars and clubs while you mingle with pretty faces from all over the world. Singlehood is always enviable, right?


Rio de Janeiro


What about an irresistible cocktail of samba, soccer and colourful carnivals? Yes, we have Brazil in mind and what better place to enjoy the essence of South America than Rio de Janeiro! The already upbeat city reaches its jovial best during the famous Rio Carnival that takes place every year in the month of February. If you are single and intend to be a part of a gala event with complete strangers, Rio has to be on your bucket list.




The Mediterranean islands have a unique and rather inexplicable pull to them. This is true to Corsica as well. A perfect blend of stunning coastal towns, green wilderness and numerous hiking trails, Corsica is a paradise for singles. All you need to do is two things―grab your backpack and unleash your spirit; rest will be taken care of by Corsica.



The British capital has captured the imagination of travellers in every era. With the stroke of the Big Ben and the spinning of the London Eye, this ancient city has seen the invasion of modernity. However, it also knows how to preserve its equally glorious past. Explore the lanes of the city, have a drink at a pub by the Thames or go click happy―London has everything to keep you company! And yes, preserve the stories of London well; they will come handy when you decide to shed your single status.




If freedom of choice and honour for individuality were a human being, its permanent address would have been Amsterdam. The capital city of Netherlands with all its artistic heritage and cultural bequest is a well-known destination in Europe. Go freewheeling like Bob Dylan in Amsterdam; everything blows in the wind here!


Las Vegas


Call it cliché or a product of hype, but there is no harm in believing “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. This is a place where the margin between imagination and fancy is thin as a wafer. Single souls in Vegas can find an open sky to take an unhindered flight into the utopia of fanciful happenings. And yes, Vegas will not judge you!




If you are an art lover, have an incurable inclination toward the finer aspects of life and enjoying the nectar of singlehood, we take the liberty of sending you on a Paris sojourn. Many artists, poets, writers found their mojo amid the Parisian setting. You could be the next one! Carry your kit and coax your muse to Paris; the city knows what’s best for you!




Perhaps the best time to visit the Bavarian capital as a singular soul is during the famed Oktoberfest. An annual beer fest, this dreamlike fiesta runs for 16 to 18 days from mid or late September to the first week of October. Go for a tent hopping session while you test your capacity amid a sea of beer and froth.


Koh Phi Phi


This idyllic island in Thailand is a coastal paradise that promises exotic vacation. This one is for those who love to celebrate their singlehood in total serenity amid scenic landscapes. Book a stay at one of their chic hostels and be a part of fellow traveller’s travelogue. Meet and greet like-minded people from various parts of the world and log out from your daily routine back home.




Get the best of Europe’s cultural inheritance in the capital city of the Czech Republic. Being single gives you the liberty to explore the city the way you want. Take a stroll along the Old Town Square, arrange a rendezvous with the colourful baroque buildings and Gothic churches before retiring into a cosy place by the Vltava River for a laidback evening.




If being single isn’t an adventure enough for you, how about a vacation that is filled with adventure sports that test your adrenaline levels? Behold Queenstown in New Zealand, also known as the adventure capital of the world. The mountain ranges offer amazing skiing option in the winter season. And in summer, there is plenty of hiking routes that will pull you to them like a magnet.




The land of Ladakh is known to be one of the toughest territories to tread in India. Best explored by a road trip that runs through battered lanes, shallow streams and a cold desert, Ladakh will test your mettle and bless you with unshakable will at the same time. The unparalleled landscape of this region and the odd monasteries here will open up a window to self introspection; only if you listen to the air closely.




Everyone has their own perception of India and Goa busts them all like a boss! It is not about holy cows, snake charmers and information technology. Goa has its own peculiar identity that knows how to maintain the balance between being India’s party capital and an old port town with many remnants from the days bygone. Hire a bike and get up close and personal with Goa, she won’t mind!