AL may give space to BNP for inclusive poll | 2017-08-07 |

AL may give space to BNP for inclusive poll

Shawkat Ali Khan     7th August, 2017 01:07:16 printer

AL may give space to BNP for inclusive poll

The ruling Awami League may provide some space for opposition BNP in line with the constitution as it will not take the point of no return position this time.


AL insiders said the party will not take a rigid stance on the next national election issue, as many countries and international agencies want an inclusive election in Bangladesh.


“If there is any scope in the constitution, we will give this to them for an inclusive election,” said a senior leader of the ruling party.


“All the political parties of the country will enjoy all sorts of rights as mentioned in the constitution. Awami League will work for upholding the constitution,” he added.


Awami League President Sheikh Hasina has directed her party leaders to take all-out measures as the next election will be a challenging one, some central leaders said.


“The next election will not be held like the previous one. The BNP will join the polls and all have to overcome through the challenge,” she said.


AL top-brasses say if the BNP agrees to participate in the election under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the ruling camp will mentally be ready for reaching consensus on other issues.


If the BNP is hell-bent on meeting its demand for election-conducive government, the ruling party will not take any move to resolve the standoff, they added.


AL central leaders say the party will remain rigid with the holding of the election in line with the constitution and they will place the proposal everywhere.


It is learnt that the party will place its proposal to the Election Commission during their dialogue.


The EC is likely to sit with political parties to take opinions from the registered political parties to hold the next election in a credible manner.


AL Presidium Member Faruk Khan told the daily sun that they will raise the issue during the talks with the Election Commission.


“We will not deviate from our stance on holding the next general election in line with the constitution. We will express our stance during our talks with the EC,” he said.


AL sources say that even the party will stand firm if the President takes any initiative.


Insiders in BNP, which boycotted the last general election over the standoff, say they will take part in the next election after reaching a consensus with the government on some issues.


BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir reportedly said the party must participate in the elections and is taking preparations.


“But we think a credible election is not possible without a neutral government. That’s why there is no alternative to poll-conducive government,” he said.