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Dazzle in tradition with desi bindis

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Dazzle in tradition with desi bindis



Small and exquisitely pretty, bindis dot a woman's life in tradition, style and glamour, and enhance her beauty. Red was the traditional colour, but now bindis come in different hues and designs. Worn in the centre of the forehead, between the eyebrows, with colours to match the clothes worn, bindis make a woman look prettier, fashionable and alluring. It can even give that beautiful diva look which every woman dreams of.


When selecting a bindi, you must keep in mind the shape of your face. Choose the ones which suit your face cut. A wrong pick may ruin your looks. So be careful and keep the following tips in mind while buying them.


Oval face: Those with oval-shaped face and high cheek bones can wear any shape bindi. Avoid long ones as they give an elongated look to your face.


Round face: Oblong bindis are ideal for round-shaped face. Avoid the round, square and big ones. But small round ones can create an illusion and give you a pretty look.


Triangular face: Small, big, long and bold designs suit this face cut. Avoid broad designs and creations.


Square face: Thin, tiny, circular and V shaped bindis suit square-shaped face. Avoid bindis that are wide in shape.


Heart-shaped face: Avoid big bindis. Small bindis go best with broad forehead and sharp chin.


Bindis are particular to the Indian subcontinent tradition. They are typed as bridal bindis, designer bindis, casual bindis, fashion bindis, etc. Its popularity is growing as a fashion statement and is worn today by people across cultures and countries. It is popularly worn with sarees, kurtas, and long skirts.


In India, you can buy them from any local market and from big designer outlets having exclusive fashion accessories. Some websites also market trendy and stylish bindis. These websites also take custom orders.


A bindi packet does not cost much. It may cost from Rs.50 to Rs.1,000 or more.


Some bindis have a good glue and they can be reused if kept with care. Stick the bindi back on the original package so that it can be reused. Also peel it off from the pack carefully so that its design is not damaged. If stickiness of the bindi wears away, you can apply any non-toxic, skin friendly glue on the back of it and reuse it. In case, the glue is causing any irritation, wash it off immediately. Discontinue using it.


Now, follow the tips, wear desi bindis, glam up your look and celebrate womanhood in style.