Voter Registration: 2.4 million additions offset by 1.3 million voter deaths | 2017-08-10 |

Voter Registration: 2.4 million additions offset by 1.3 million voter deaths

Sun Online Desk     10th August, 2017 09:28:11 printer

Voter Registration: 2.4 million additions offset by 1.3 million voter deaths

It’s been learnt that although some 2.43 million (24.3 lakh) potentially first-time voters were registered during the latest voter roll update, the number fell over a million short of the Election Commission’s 3.5 million forecast.


The door-to-door data collection for the update concluded on Wednesday, a process that lasted 16 days.


“Enumerators collected data of 2,437,331 possible voters throughout the country,” Director (PR) at the EC Secretariat SM Asaduzzaman informed, reports UNB.


Of the new cohort, the Dhaka region – the EC’s demarcation divides the map into 10 regions -contributed highest 447,515 names to the electoral roll, followed by 339,870 in Rajshahi. In third, leading a group of similar-sized contributions to the voter list was Mymensingh, with 265,754. Only a shade ahead of the 263,242 from Rangpur, and also outnumbering Khulna (250,134), Chittagong (234,977) and Sylhet (224,820).


Then 156,280 in Faridpur, 136,462 in Barisal and 118,277 in Comilla round off the new names added to the electorate.


The EC’s enumerators were also able to confirm just over 1.3 million deaths  of voters in the existing rolls - 1,333,002 or two more than 13.33 lakh to be precise – whose names will now be removed from the list.


It means the net increase in the number of voters on the roll comes to just slightly over a million.


During the data collection, 60,876 people applied to shift their voting addresses, he added.


The photographs and fingerprints corresponding to the new names will be collected in three phases from August 20 to November 5.


Earlier, the EC appointed 55,000 enumerators to work with 11,000 supervisors in collecting data of all citizens born on or before 1st January, 2000.


In 2015, the EC had in advance collected the data of citizens who would be eligible to get enrolled as voters until January 2018, but clearly that round swept over many segments of the populace who would be eligible, with the onus on self-registration.


A door-to-door campaign with the EC sending its designated people would prove inevitable, in order to allay the concerns arising from self-registration, while also collecting the drop outs.


The draft updated voter list will be published across the country on January 2, 2018 to receive complaints over it. And the final voter list will be published on January 31, 2018 after disposing of the complaints, if any.


According to the EC’s statistics of July 2017, the country has a total of 101.68 million voters.