Not enough honesty in on-screen representation of women: Konkona | 2017-08-11 |

Not enough honesty in on-screen representation of women: Konkona

    11th August, 2017 12:10:09 printer

Not enough honesty in on-screen representation of women: Konkona

The world of Indian cinema might be brimming with stories and may be churning out about 1,000 films a year, but Konkona Sen Sharma feels it still needs to find a balance on the gender scale. The critically acclaimed actor-director says there are not enough female film-makers and varied roles for women.


“There are not enough women film-makers. There is not enough variety in terms of representation of women. There is not enough honesty in terms of representation of women in terms of women characters on screen,” Konkona told IANS.


But the graph of the skewed sex ratio in the industry is changing for good, she pointed out. “We are going forward. They are making small steps. It is good that we are also self-reflecting upon it and our choices. We are being aware of these things and talking about it. I think this is also important,” said the daughter of celebrated Bengali actor-writer-director Aparna Sen. Be it Mr and Mrs Iyer, 15 Park Avenue, Page 3, The Namesake, Wake Up Sid or Goynar Baksho, Konkona has always picked strong female characters to narrate stories that have a message attached to it. The actor says while many films are addressing social issues, there “aren’t enough things we are talking about”.


“We don’t want a film which is just a message film. The film has to be good. We aren’t talking about enough things.”


The mother of one also confessed to some adverse conditions that women in the industry had to face due to the lack of facilities.


“There were hardly any bathrooms for women to use, especially in an outdoor (shoot). Before vanity vans, it was very difficult.


These are very basic things, these kind of things should exist in the workplace for our workers to work properly. The environment has to be very friendly towards women.”