Vegetable prices 3-4 times higher in capital | 2017-08-11 |

Vegetable prices 3-4 times higher in capital

Sun Online Desk     11th August, 2017 10:06:38 printer

Vegetable prices 3-4 times higher in capital

The prices of most of the vegetables at the kitchen markets in the capital are three to four times the prices at the growers’ level.

The vegetable wholesalers in Bogra, a district that supplies a huge quantity of vegetables to Dhaka and Chittagong, said the prices of vegetables soar at the consumer level due to high transportation cost, extortion in various points during transportation, labour cost, market tax and wastage of vegetables.

During a recent visit to a wholesale vegetable market at Mohasthan in Bogra, the traders told this correspondent that vegetable prices rose sharply in the retail markets due to lower production in the rainy season.

They also said vegetable prices will be stable in a month once the rainfall decreases.

At the wholesale vegetable market in Mohasthan, the price of bitter gourd was Tk 20 per kg on Monday. But the item was selling at Tk 60 per kg at Rampura kitchen market in the capital on Thursday.


The price was even higher at the super shops—- Tk 75 a kg at Meena Bazar and Tk 78 a kg at Swapno.


The price of raw papaya is Tk 10 per kg at Mohasthan, but the item was selling at Tk 30 a kg at Rampura kitchen market, Tk 35 at Swapno and Tk 36 at Meena Bazar.  

The price of brinjal is Tk 25 per kg at Mohasthan wholesale market, but the price soars to Tk 60 a kg at Rampura kitchen market, Tk 85 at Swapno Super Shop and Tk 90 at Meena Bazar.

Gourd is sold at Tk 30 per piece at Mohasthan wholesale market, but its price is selling at Tk 60 at Meena Bazar.

The price of green chilli jumps to Tk 130-140 at the kitchen markets and to Tk 140-150 a kg in super shops in the capital from Tk 85 to 90 a kg at the growers’ level in Bogra.

The wholesalers in Mohasthan sell radish at Tk 25-28 per kg, but the price go up to Tk 60-70 a kg in the capital. Parbal (potal) price is jumping to Tk 55-59 a kg in the capital from Tk 25 a kg in Bogra.

The wholesale traders at Mohasthan said they supply 40-50 truckloads of vegetables per day to the kitchen markets of Dhaka, Chittagong, Gazipur and Narayanganj.

Razib Hasan, owner of ‘Hajir Arot’ at Mohasthan, told daily sun that they supply two-three truckloads vegetable to Dhaka every day. 


“We will be able to supply 10 to 15 truckloads of vegetables to the capital once the production increases after the rainy season,” he said.

He informed that the average transportation cost for supplying vegetables to Dhaka and Chittagong is Tk 3 and Tk 4 per kg respectively.  

Zahidul Islam, owner of Ishamoni Enterprise at Mohasthan, said he supplies three truckloads of vegetables to Chittagong every day.

“My supply will rise to 7-8 truckloads a day during the season,” he said.     

He said that farmers of Gobindaganj in Gaibandha, Kalai of Joypurhat, Sonatola, Sariyakandi and Molamgari of Bogra supply vegetable to the Mohasthan wholesale market.

Zahidul said that carrying cost of vegetables will come down if government takes steps to stop extortion from trucks at Charmatha in Bogra, Baipail in Savar, Comilla and Darogarhat and City Gate in Chittagong.