Haor flood project in limbo | 2017-08-14 | daily-sun.com

Haor flood project in limbo

    13th August, 2017 10:14:12 printer

Untimely floods cause a huge and an unprecedented loss in haor areas. Farmers mostly reap the harvest in the second and third week of April, the latest, but the floods hit weeks before and floodwater continued to flow for days to destroy standing crops. And this unusual trend of nature, according to environment experts, may hit more frequently in future.

It is mentioned in study reports that corruption and negligence of duties of the authorities concerned have largely increased the vulnerability of a huge number of people in haor areas to such floods. A report of yesterday’s daily sun revealed that the project aimed at controlling untimely floods and reducing water logging in the areas got unexpectedly stuck in a quagmire over the last six years.

The project was undertaken in 2010 in line with the timely initiative of the Prime Minister when she visited the haor areas. However, this crucial project witnessed the typical phenomenon of time extension in its implementation twice at the end of its deadline in June 2015. Also, the project was downsized.  

The untimely floods in Sunamganj and six other adjoining districts on March 27 this year caused a heavy loss to boro crops and fish varieties, the main means of livelihood of people in the areas. The boro paddy constitutes a significant portion of our food stock. So, any disaster in haor areas impacts negatively on the country’s food stock and hence measures to address the issue of floods deserve serious attention and due care.

It is worthy to mention here that the areas faced massive crop losses due to untimely floods back in 2004 and 2010. And the unpredictable behaviour of nature due to climate change dictates us to believe that similar disasters may hit more frequently than any time in the past. But, clearly, the measures with regard to protecting haor areas are far from adequate. Appropriate measures to prevent floods are now urgently needed.