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Judiciary kept enough patience: Chief Justice

Sun Online Desk     20th August, 2017 04:47:11 printer

Judiciary kept enough patience: Chief Justice

Chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha on Sunday said the judiciary has kept enough patience.


He came up with the comment while hearing the Masdar Hossain case.


While commenting on the criticism of the top court for scrapping 16th constitutional amendment, Justice Sinha referred to Pakistan’s apex court that disqualified the prime minister from office last month.


“But nothing happened there (no criticism). We need to be more mature,” the chief justice said.


At the very beginning of hearing, the CJ said, "What fixed on the last date? It was supposed to hold a discussion.

Who will participate in the discussion?"


In reply, the AG said, "Law Minister."


The court said, "All the judges of the Appellate Division. Even (you) did not discuss with us?"


The CJ said, "(You) spoke many things on media. But told reverse in the court. Not you single, I'm telling for you all. You tell what and when will be? You are creating storm on media. Are we making any comment?"


Attorney General said, "No, you didn't do."


Later, the six-member bench of the Appellate Division fixed October 8 for the next hearing.