Favouritism in awarding projects | 2017-08-24 | daily-sun.com

Favouritism in awarding projects

    23rd August, 2017 10:56:22 printer

We are alarmed to note that unethical favouritism is active behind awarding power generation projects under costly but ‘unsolicited’ deals. A private power generation group consisting of a number of sister concerns has reportedly got such favours for implementing a series of power projects and the process is underway to award it more.

After getting a number of costly projects, it is said to have requested the power division to allow it implement more than half a dozen of projects under similar shady deals. It is interesting to know that the power division is going any time to place a proposal before the cabinet committee on public purchase to award the projects to this lucky group.

But this is not all about the story. This group has already got and is likely to get the costliest projects. While the per unit tariff for most other projects ranges from 9.90 to 10.68 US cents, the government has reportedly awarded this group the Anwara project with a tariff of 10.71 cents and the Jamalpur project at 11.10 cents. And all these have allegedly taken place in a dishonest manner instead of competition.

It could be learnt from another report that the government is likely to withdraw duty and VAT on diesel import for power plants with a view to stabilising power tariff. But awarding projects with high tariff is completely at variance with and contradictory to this policy. Such unfair deals will not only create monopoly in private level power generation and throw other unlucky or less lucky groups into uneven competition but also result in huge loss for the public exchequer.

The pertinent question here is how a single group gets so many projects at a time and under the so-called unsolicited deals at that. It is very likely that there is a powerful lobby inside the government to promote and serve the interest of an individual organisation. And we have reasons to believe that the pressure group is working in favour of this organisation not without personal interests. If there is any such coterie, it must be rooted out forthwith in order to ensure that power projects are awarded to private enterprises in a transparent and competitive manner.