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Heal with broccoli

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Heal with broccoli



Broccoli is considered among the top healthy foods in the world. It has several healing properties and its regular consumption is advised to prevent cancer and to treat other diseases.


Facts on Broccoli


Broccoli is a flowering vegetable which belongs to the cabbage family.


The green vegetable is a good source of Vitamin C, E and fibre.


It has detoxification, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


It also has a promising chemical – sulforaphane, a naturally occurring compound found in a cruciferous vegetable.


The above properties help to prevent cancer and other serious health problems.


Broccoli protects the skin cell membranes.


It prevents ultraviolet radiation damage.


Experts advise intake of half a cup broccoli per day.


According to a study by a US university, eating green broccoli three to four times a day can reduce the risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases.


Another study states that eating broccoli sprouts may help diabetes patients manage their blood sugar level.


Tips on cooking broccoli


Have them raw or steam them. Do not boil. Steamed broccoli retains its nutrients better


Steam them for not more than five minutes, as extended steaming may destroy the nutritional properties.