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Nailing it right for pretty nails

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Nailing it right for pretty nails



A perfect makeover can change the way you look and give you a completely new look. And, beautifully painted finger and toe nails complete a great makeover.


Have lovely hands and legs with the following tips on nail art.


First thing, ensure you have healthy nails. Eat foods that are good for the health of your nails. If your nails have a rough surface, ridges or the colour is pale, you could be suffering from vitamin deficiency or malnutrition.


Before you polish your nails, get a good manicure and pedicure done from a well-known parlour. Make sure the tools used are properly sterilised to prevent any kind of infections.


Use good quality top coat before you paint the nail with your favourite nail colour.


Use good quality nail polish to avoid cracking and chipping of nails


Allow the first coat of the nail polish to dry properly before you apply a second coat to get the right colour.


Avoid thick coats. Apply thin coats of polish to make it last longer.


For designs and trends, consult a beautician to get it perfect.


Choose the colour of the nail paint wisely. Match the colour of your nails with that of your lip colour and the shades of your dress