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Easy tips on leather wear and care

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Easy tips on leather wear and care


The leather goods market is growing worldwide, as leather wears and accessories are always in fashion. However, they require more care than other clothing, especially during damp and humid weather.

Often fungus tends to gather on it and the leather may start cracking or peeling off if left unattended. So take good care of your leather hats, shoes, bags and wears.


Keep them clean: Gently brush the dirt and dust on your leather wears and keep them clean. Maintain good hygiene yourself. Sweat causes bad odour and stains on your outer wear too. So have a shower, wear a good deodorant and use clean inner wears before putting on leather clothes.


Follow the rules: Follow the cleaning instructions written on the tags. Ignoring the instructions means you might end up ruining it. Get them dry cleaned or get them cleaned by an expert. You probably don’t need to get them dry cleaned after each wearing to increase their quality life.


Hang them well: Use a firm hanger to hang them straight and in shape. It is better to hang them than to fold. Use wooden hangers. Avoid using plastic or wire hangers. Fasten the zips and the buttons after hanging.


Keep them dry: Wipe your leather goods dry immediately when wet. Do not let moisture settle on it. Moisture or dampness may give way to fungus growth on it. It can also ruin the fabric and look of your shoes, bags or clothes, and even leather furniture.


Avoid perfume or cosmetics on it: Cosmetics or hair styling material can stain or spoil the leather. Wear them after doing your hair and makeup. Don’t use perfume on leather clothes. It may turn them yellow or make them fragile.


Use leather-guard: You may use a leather guard to protect them from wetness and rain, and a conditioner to soften and protect them from cracking or peeling off over time.


Store them well: After wearing, don’t just let it slump on a chair or closet. Store your leather-wears nicely in a closet that is cool and dry. Never store them in a humid or moist place. Don’t over pack the closet to avoid wrinkles and fading. Hang the clothes next to each other giving little space to breathe. Do not overstuff your leather bags as it may spoil the shape.