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Rakhine situation gets priority during Modi’s Myanmar visit

‘Solution lies in development of the state, all its communities’

UNB     8th September, 2017 01:31:15 printer

Rakhine situation gets priority during Modi’s Myanmar visit

The situation in the Rakhine State “featured prominently” in the discussions of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Myanmar leaders during his visit to Myanmar that ended on Thursday.


Modi shared India’s “concerns” over the increasingly serious situation in Rakhine, a diplomatic source told media on Thursday evening.


During the visit, both sides agreed that the solution lies in the development of the state and all its communities.


The two countries shared the view that the recommendations of the Kofi Annan-led Advisory Commission on Rakhine need to be implemented.


They observed that the problem leading to the refugee crisis has a long-term implication, including for India.


The two countries, according to the source, shared the view that the situation in Rakhine had a developmental as well as a security dimension.


In particular, there was agreement to bring overall socio-economic development in the state by undertaking both infrastructure and socio-economic projects, particularly in the spheres of education, health, agriculture and allied activities, agro-processing, community development, construction of small bridges, upgradation of roads, small power projects, livelihood activity, setting up of training centres, promotion of household crafts, conservation of environment and cultural heritage.