MPs to get Tk 666cr to improve social institutions | 2017-09-13 |

MPs to get Tk 666cr to improve social institutions

Hasibul Aman     13th September, 2017 02:51:34 printer

MPs to get Tk 666cr to improve social institutions

Lawmakers across the country will get Tk 665 crore to improve religious centres and playgrounds in their constituencies ahead of the upcoming election.


A project in this regard is now being processed at the Planning Commission to be placed at the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) for final approval, sources said.


With the scheme, the government aims to consolidate further social integrity and social welfare through developing institutes like mosques, Eidgah, graveyards, cremation centres, temple, pagodas and playgrounds.


However, the fund is not directly going to the lawmakers as the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) will implement the project.


Although a government circular made it mandatory for the projects over Tk 25 crore to conduct feasibility studies, the rule has not been following in case of the project.


A project evaluation report from the Planning Commission said the project has been undertaken without any feasibility study in light of the lawmakers’ suggestions based on the opinions of local representatives and local demands.


Under the initiative, 491 upazilas will get one crore taka each for improving social structures in addition to a block allocation of Tk 109 crore for public works.


The block allocation will be utilised as per the demand and priorities. The total amount of public works will stand at Tk 600 crore under the scheme.


Development work of at least Tk 5 lakh will be done at selected social institutions under the scheme. LGED officials said the project will be implemented by the end of June 2020.


The incumbent government in its immediate past term provided block allocation of Tk 15 core to each lawmaker to improve infrastructures like roads and culverts.


In the present term, the government raised the allocation to Tk 20 crore along with approving such a project.


A number of projects to improve electoral constituencies are also under process, Planning Commission sources said.


Of these projects, nearly Tk 3 crore has been sought for each lawmaker under ‘special development of water supply and sanitation project.’


Planning Commission is also scrutinising a project of Tk 1,785 crore to improve market infrastructures across the country which has also been picked up in line with lawmakers’ demand.