Inside the life of a professional protester | 2017-09-17 |

Inside the life of a professional protester

Sun Online Desk     17th September, 2017 03:11:37 printer

Inside the life of a professional protester

Job opportunities of the creative sort seem to be on the rise in Mzansi, a country where you can find professional mourners and now protesters.


A hilarious video of a South African man claiming to be a professional protester has gone viral.


In the video, the man receives a call from someone who tells him they are looking for people to stage a protest. The professional protester says his group has 19 members, but only wants to know if he will get paid for it, as he is tired of being rewarded with only “exposure” for his efforts.


“Should we start with the community protest or taxi protest?” he asks.


He disagrees with the response, as it apparently suggests the kind of protest people are now tired of.


But he’s still down for it, he says, as it pays. All he needs now is a row of tyres to block the roads.


According to the man, there is a tender for protesters, and he says he should act fast to submit application forms for the job.


Talk about hustling in a country where unemployment is a problem.


Source: The Citizen