BNP seeks national unity to resolve Rohingya crisis | 2017-09-21 |

BNP seeks national unity to resolve Rohingya crisis

Sun Online Desk     21st September, 2017 06:09:07 printer

BNP seeks national unity to resolve Rohingya crisis

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said their party wants a national unity to drum up world opinion to resolve Rohingya crisis and repatriate Myanmar’s persecuted citizens taken shelter in the country.


“There’s no alternative to forging a national unity to overcome Rohingya crisis and face the challenge of repatriating over a million refugees. We must create an opinion across the world now to send Rohingyas to their own land ensuring their rights and citizenship,” he said.


The BNP leader further said, “National unity is now crucial to elicit world opinion, and we’ve long been talking about it. We think we’ll be able to stand by the repressed people and send them home with our united efforts.”


Fakhrul came up with the remarks on Thursday while speaking at a fund raising programme arranged by Dhaka south city unit BNP at the party’s Nayapaltan central office for Rohingyas, reports UNB.


The BNP leader urged the international community to come forward to protect the repressed Rohingyas on humanitarian ground. “The entire world should force Myanmar to stop genocide and take back Rohingyas ensuring their rights and dignity.”


Asked whether they contacted Awami League and other political parties to forge a national unity over the Rohingya issue, he said their party has got tired of putting in such efforts. “Our government doesn’t believe in unity as it wants to do everything alone.”


Fakhrul said the government still could not ensure proper management to deal with Rohingya refugees and ensure relief and shelter for them. “Lakhs of people are going through sufferings under open sky amid rain… I call upon the government to ensure good management to ensure safe water, food, clothes, treatment and shelter for the refugees.”


He said the people of Bangladesh have got upset with the brutal repression on Rohingyas by Myanmar authorities, and they are trying to stand by the refugees with their best efforts.