BNP alleges govt for importing ‘Rotten’ rice from Thailand | 2017-09-22 |

BNP alleges govt for importing ‘Rotten’ rice from Thailand

Sun Online Desk     22nd September, 2017 07:18:30 printer

BNP alleges govt for importing ‘Rotten’ rice from Thailand

BNP on Friday alleged that the government is mocking with people's 'hunger' by importing 'rotten' rice from Thailand.


BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi made the allegation in a press conference at the party's Nayapaltan central office in the capital Friday, UNB reports.


"After importing rotten wheat from Africa, the government has now procured rotten rice from Thailand," said Rizvi.


Alleging that the imported rice is low in quality and unsuitable to eat, the party leader said, "We think importing rotten rice is an anti-constitutional act. So, we think, by importing such rice, the government has not only committed an anti-constitutional act but also anti-humanity one. In fact, the government is mocking with people's hunger."


He voiced deep concern as two ships carrying rotten rice are waiting in the port to get unloaded though the Food department has declined to accept the rice.


"Some 12,000 tonnes of rice have been brought by a ship, MV Thai Bin Day, on August 31, while some 19850 tonnes brought by another ship, MV Diamond, from Thailand this month," he added.


He also alleged that the ship owners are trying to sell the 'rotten' rice to local rice traders. "We heard they've already contacted some rice traders to sell the rotten rice."


Rizvi questioned why efforts are there to sell the publicly procured rice to private traders. "We think the government high-ups are involved in importing the rotten rice from Thailand."


He also said low-income people are declining to buy atap (white) rice which is being sold under OMS. The dealers are forcing people to buy the atap rice.


The BNP leader demanded the government carry out an investigation into it.