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How to get rid of cockroach?

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How to get rid of cockroach?



How to get rid of cockroach, perhaps, is on your mind. Most homemakers struggle to get rid of house pests, including cockroach.


Cockroach invades every kitchen. They spread fast. The dead cockroach skins and droppings can aggravate allergies especially in children and people who are prone to all kinds of allergy.


But cockroaches are hard to kill. You need to use the right technique and solutions to get rid of them.


Here are some amazing home solutions to get rid of cockroach from your kitchen and the entire house.


Mix boric acid, corn starch, sugar and coffee altogether. Sprinkle the solution in every corner, sink and shelves of your kitchen. You’ll find a large number of cockroaches dead the next day.


Spray mint oil in the sink and every corner where cockroaches are more likely to build their nests and breed. It’s a good non-toxic way of keeping cockroaches away from your kitchen.


Cockroaches can’t stand citric smell. Add lemon juice to water and use it to mop kitchen tops, shelves and floors. The anti-pathogenic properties of lemon will drown away the dirty nuisances.


Cucumber is an excellent cockroach repellent that is non-toxic too. Spread some cucumber slices and peels around the kitchen counters, cabinets, sink and corners overnight.


Dilute Listerine solution with some water and spray it at every corner of your kitchen to get rid of cockroaches.


Spread bay leaves on kitchen shelves, near sink holes and every corner and crevice to eliminate these filthy pests.


Mix a pulp of an onion, a garlic clove and a litre of water. Add one tablespoon of pepper powder to it. Sprinkle the solution on kitchen tops, floors and sink at night and say bye to cockroaches.


Advice: These harmful cockroaches can inflict chaos in your house. Cockroaches breed in dark, unhygienic places and corners. Maintain cleanliness of your kitchen and bathroom. Clean all the nooks and corners of the house well. Dispose of garbage properly in a dustbin with lid. And keep the surrounding of the house clean and nice.