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Eight tips on infant care

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Eight tips on infant care



Infant care remains a big challenge to new parents. While illiterate parents are mostly unaware of not only medical but also domestic care for infants, even the educated ones are at lost about baby care as there are many requirements for the newly born. Just a baby, yes, but has many needs. And the first few months are critical for the baby’s health. Proper feeding and health care of the baby is required. Changes in the baby’s growth are rapid and one has to help the baby adapt to the new open environment.


Eight tips on infant care


Holding the baby right is important. Learn how to hold the baby right and give proper support to the baby’s neck and head.


Be very gentle when holding the baby or laying it down. Any vigorous movement can harm the baby internally.


Breastfeeding of the baby is most important. But, talk to doctors and nurses on how, what and when to feed the baby.


Sterilise the baby’s feeding bottle and other stuff for the baby


Sanitise the room, baby’s clothes and your hands. As babies are susceptible to infections, wash your hands frequently. Mothers should maintain their own hygiene.

Cleaning of the infant is also important. Use lukewarm water to bathe the baby or sponge bath the baby. Change the soiled diapers immediately.


Swathe the baby gently with soft flannel cloth. Always cover the baby’s head, the feet and the hands with clean and soft mittens. Ensure the coverings on the baby do not smother it.


Avoid noisy and loud music or sound around the baby. Babies are sensitive to their environment and any uncomfortable condition or situation may affect your child adversely.