CU student saved from ‘blue whale’ | 2017-10-12 |

CU student saved from ‘blue whale’

Sun Online Desk     12th October, 2017 02:42:44 printer

CU student saved from ‘blue whale’

Police have saved a student of Chittagong University from the suicide-prone ‘blue whale challenge’ game.


Police picked up the first-year student of History department on Tuesday and counselled him to avoid the game.


After the counselling, he was handed over to the university authorities on Wednesday, said police officer Mashiuddowla Reza.


The student has already passed four steps of the game and was going towards the ultimate result.


He got a link in his facebook messenger in the early hours of October 5. He got the game downloaded after clicking the link.


In the first step, he strolled on the university campus overnight and walked along the railing of the dormitory in the second step.


In the third step, he drew a whale on his hand cutting with blade and remained mum throughout the day in the fourth step, the police officer said.


“Finding his movement suspicious, a senior student of the dormitory sought cooperation from me on facebook,” he said.


Acting on the information, the game addict was taken in police custody on Tuesday.


Later, a counselling session was arranged for the student who could realise his mistakes, Reza added. He admitted that he did this out of curiosity and had no other intention.


The student will remain under monitoring of police for six months. He was handed over to the CU proctor, warning that he should not use any smart phone.


If anyone will get involved in the game, s/he will have to face legal action in the future, Reza warned.