Storm in a Cup: ‘Food for the soul’ | 2018-02-02 |

Storm in a Cup: ‘Food for the soul’

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Storm in a Cup: ‘Food for the soul’

Art connoisseurs and food lovers now can stir up a storm in a tea cup while appreciating a piece of art or two.


The art cafe 'Storm in a Cup' at Science Laboratory area arranges art exhibitions through its Duaree Art Gallery to give an artistic ambience to its customers who visit the place for food.


The art cafe and the gallery are currently presenting their second exhibition that began on January 27 to run through February 16.


You can make your special occasion even more special and enjoy mouthwatering food and artworks in a homely aesthetic environment. They say 'Art is the food for your soul...come and treat your soul with our art collection.'


A visitor Waziha Labiba Khan said "This is some place I would find myself going back to, quite often, when I feel the need to be surrounded by peace and serenity.

The whole ambience is just so mentally satisfying and not to mention, the amazing food (pasta especially). Ten on 10 would ditch every other place to be here when in need of some break from this chaotic city life. This is the ultimate place to be."


Naushin Afnaz said "Once you step into the restaurant you will get a enigmatic feeling of homeliness that I'm sure you haven't been able to find in any other restaurant (around Dhanmondi) at least I didn't. What a beautiful space! I loved the spacious, serene environment and paintings and perfect for first dates, hangouts and students as well. They have 3 to 5 different corners, convenient for group studies. The interior of the restaurant is something that makes it stand out of the crowd, the food especially the shakes is really good. The city view and relaxing music were cherry on the top."


She added that the owner was very humble, well behaved and has put a lot of thought into what makes a customer want to revisit a place again and again.


The cafe was opened on October 13, last year while the gallery was opened with an art exhibition on September 29 the same year.


Dean of State University of Bangladesh Professor Shamsul Wares, former ambassador and foreign secretary Waliur Rahman and former dean faculty of fine arts of University of Dhaka Abdus Shakoor Shah inaugurated Duaree-organised second exhibition on the 27th of January.


The participant artistes are- Aminul Islam, Syed Abdullah Khalid, Fokhrul Islam, Monirul Islam, Tajuddin Ahmed, Mohammad Iqbal, Abdus Shakoor Shah, Kamruzzaman Sagar, Anisuzzaman Anis, Razwanur Rahman, Shahanoor Mamun, Nasiama Khanom Queenie, Sultan Ishtique and Rashid Khan.


The exhibition will remain open from 1 pm to 10 pm every day.


Co- founder and director Ashiq Huque said 'Our space to entertain ourselves is very limited, especially in the city. Most of the citizens enjoy their leisure and fun time in the restaurant. So I targeted this people to present different environment with a delicious food items."


The art lover said that he had established this art café to introduce the young with the world of art, its history and exhibition as few people visit the normal gallery. "We have trained our staff about the matter to serve people not only with the food but also with art exhibition. Our staffs introduce the customers with the exhibition first before offering food items."


The cafe offers a variety of delicious food items in an affordable price. These include - Iced Tea, smoothies, coffee and Hot chocolate, and Mocktails.