Colombo Lemon brings fortune for marginal farmers in Narsingdi | 2017-05-19 |

Colombo Lemon brings fortune for marginal farmers in Narsingdi

    19 May, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Colombo Lemon brings fortune for marginal farmers in Narsingdi

NARSINGDI: Cultivation of Colombo lemon is ringing fortune for farmers and gaining popularity in the district due to economic prospect of the crops, reports BSS.

A number of farmers had started small scale cultivation of Colombo lemon few years back on experimental basis in four upazilas of the district and achieved remarkable success. Their successes encourage many others to cultivate and raise orchards of the juicy and extraordinary flavor fruit.

Seeing the interest of the farmers and found suitable soil for Colombo lemon cultivation, the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) in 2012 took a programme to cultivate export quality lemon in four upazilas of the district.

The upazilas are Shibpur, Belabo, Monohardi and Raipura.

Under the programme a total of 50 new orchards of Colombo lemon (each orchard spread one bigha) were set up in the four upazilas of the district.  The department supplied 160 sapling of Colombo lemon to each grower of the orchards and imparted them training on producing quality lemon.

Besides some farmers in different areas of the district raised a number of orchards by their own initiative and they are at present harvesting good quality lemon from their orchards. April and May are the best season of harvesting Colombo lemon.

According to DAE Narsingdi, farmers in four upazilas of the district at present cultivating Colombo lemon in 1180 orchards on 300 hectares of land.  This year they have so far produced over 5200 metric tones of lemon in the district.

Khandaker Mahabub at Dattargoan village under Shibpur upazila of the district started lemon cultivation on 30 decimals lands in 2003. He succeeded in cultivation the Colombo lemon and gradually raised garden by planting 800 saplings on 120 decimals of land. This year he got an excellent production from his gardens. He expressed his satisfaction for earned Taka 3,00,000 selling the lemon this season.

Farmer Babul Chowdhury of Lakshimipur village under Raipura upazila of the district also narrated his successful story cultivating the Colombo lemon in his 300 decimals land.

He said this year so far he earned Taka 7,00,000 by selling lemon from his garden.