Pvt. medical college: Panacea or poison | 2017-05-19 | daily-sun.com

Pvt. medical college: Panacea or poison

    19 May, 2017 12:00 AM printer

It seems business has taken over education. Be it private universities or private medical colleges, a majority of them are guilty of pursuing anything but profit.


Setting up private medical college is a booming business nowadays, as it promises big profit.

As a result, their number is growing really fast and it is a cause for serious concern because most of the colleges are plagued with fraud.


At present there are 88 private medical and dental colleges. Of them, according to a daily sun report, 26 private medical and dental colleges do not have necessary facilities, which are mandatory for setting up such institutions. These colleges are primarily run by junior and mid-career faculties, while there is hardly any laboratory and training facility.


It is, however, an open secret that the sub-standard medical colleges were given approval under certain consideration, and it was a big mistake. In approving the colleges the authorities concerned actually planted a danger because these institutions are now stand ready to provide MBBS certificate to anyone to maximise their profit.


Yes, the country has a dearth of doctors, but the way these private medical colleges are churning out doctors is alarming. In order to stop pseudo doctors from entering the health care system, the government should introduce a qualifying exam for all medical graduates. Medical graduates who perform poorly in the test should be barred from entering the profession.


In the developed country no one is allowed to practice immediately just after medical graduation or MBBS. They have to go through post-graduate degree and extensive training period before taking up the responsibility of treating a single patient. So, we too should put in place a comprehensive training process for medical graduates.  


That said, immediate steps need to be taken to streamline the sub-standard medical colleges. Apparently, these colleges are engaged in selling certificates, which is disgraceful for the country’s education system and dangerous for public health.