Ensuring revenue collection | 2017-05-20 | daily-sun.com

Ensuring revenue collection

    20 May, 2017 12:00 AM printer

The government is being deprived of a huge amount of tax, collectable from thousands of residents at Badda and adjoining areas in the capital city when it is running short of revenue income for bearing administrative expenses and ensuring delivery of public services. Lack of accountability and transparency of a section of public servants, at times, causes untold sufferings to citizens. But, as if, there is no remedy for such callousness to the interests of the people!

As reported, a decision was taken decades ago to acquire the land but was cancelled later. Though the collection of taxes from the vast area was stopped subsequently after the acquisition decision, cancellation of it did not follow due to lack of measures from the authorities concerned to start collection of taxes. As a result, the residents could not pay taxes and enjoy the exclusive title of ownership of their land for a long period.

As per the daily sun report published yesterday, a letter was sent in 2013 to the designated authorities for not to collect taxes in the area. The Ministry of Land also ordered against tax collection until the land is released from the acquisition list through a gazette notification. However, approval for house construction from the RAJUK and sanctioning of housing loans has been going on in full swing!

The process of releasing land ownership in favour of the owners has been delayed for an awkwardly long period of time obviously due to bureaucratic tangles, widespread mismanagement and lack of transparency and accountability in the public sector.

It is worthy of note that inefficiency of a section of public servants has been affecting public administration in diverse ways. Loss of revenue by the government from so many land owners over such a long period is just an example of how things are going on under bureaucratic style of functioning. Measures should be taken to remove the obstacles to the release of the lands from the acquisition list and collection of revenue from the land owners.