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Save flood-affected children, vulnerable people

    20 August, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Save flood-affected children, vulnerable people

Floods have engulfed a large part of Bangladesh, including its northern region. It has already left the most vulnerable group into distress.

Children remain the most helpless in terms of health, protection and safety during floods.


As per a press report published in daily sun on August 18, floods have affected six lakh kids in Bangladesh. The ongoing floods, caused by the onrush of water from upstream coupled with incessant rains, affect half a million families and among those six lakh are children, according to an immediate estimate of Save the Children, Bangladesh.


Children’s vulnerability has increased due to the natural calamity. Children can’t wait during emergencies. Attention needs to be paid to ensure that they get adequate food, clean drinking water and health services. They also need to be protected, as families are often separated or children have to live with strangers. Psycho-social needs begin to surface during the emergency and can continue for a prolonged period even after the catastrophe is over.


As per the report, Save the Children is ready to respond in Kurigram and Sirajganj, the two worst affected districts with necessary relief materials.


“We’ve already deployed our teams in Kurigram and Sirajganj districts and are closely monitoring the situation with local partner organisations, local administration and the Department of Disaster Management, Government of Bangladesh.


We are seriously concerned about children as they are the most vulnerable group. Our stocks are ready to be distributed among the affected families and their children,” said Mark Pierce, country director for Save the Children, Bangladesh.


Floodwaters pouring through villages in northern Bangladesh have left 2.2 million people homeless and dozens dead, according to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief.  


Hundreds of schools are closed disrupting studies of thousands of children in 20 districts.


Washed out roads and damaged crops are threatening to have long term adverse effects, said the press report, quoting a press release of Save the Children.


Our experience shows that child-protection issues get exacerbated due to humanitarian crises. Like previous years, Save the Children is among the biggest responders to the floods in Bangladesh. The leading non-profit organisation for children in Bangladesh maintains that children have specific needs during such emergencies, which require focused and coordinated action by government, civil society organisations and the affected communities. While the government is making its best efforts to take care of the displaced people in the relief camps, children remain the most vulnerable in terms of their health, protection and safety.


The non-profit organisation is continually assessing the needs of the children and their families to determine expansion of its assistance.


Save the Children has been working to save lives of children by responding to humanitarian emergencies caused by disasters. It focuses on issues related to education, health, protection of children and humanitarian work, especially for the most deprived and marginalised children.


Like Save the Children, all development organisations and individuals should come forward to the aid of vulnerable children.


Hail Mushfiq

Meanwhile Bangladesh Cricket Test captain Mushfiqur Rahim called upon his fans, supporters alongside people from all strata to help and stand by the flood victims.


 Mushfiq in a recent 80-second video message of his verified facebook live page addressed his ardent fans, supporters and well-to-do people of the country to stand by the hapless flood victims.


He said, “Assalamu Alaikum, I’ve come in front of you all today with a lot of pains, expectation and an appeal for help.”       


“You all are aware of the grave situation in the flood-affected areas and untold sufferings of the victims of the natural calamity. I have promised to stand by them. And I will request you all to stand beside the flood victims,” he stated.


“You can help them financially or with flood relief or in any way you can, but please stand beside the people in crisis, especially the condition of the people of our northern districts is very bad,” the national cricket star said.


“Those who have no ability to financially help the distressed people they could at least pray to Allah for them so that they could return to normal life through ending their grim states as early as possible,” he also said.


We salute Mushfiq for his bold move and express our heart-felt gratitude to him.


Khairuzzaman, Dhaka