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Preparing Yourself For Competitive Exams

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Preparing Yourself For Competitive Exams

With the rise in education standard and growing modernization along with human needs the competition is also increasing in every sphere of the life. Competition can be defined as a contest between the human beings for purposes like job, admission, food or recognition and arises whenever more than one party is trying to claim the goal which cannot be shared or divided among two people or a group of people. It is not at all surprising that education and competition are intimately related. Students always tend to compare their grades with the fellow students. However students have to face various kinds of competitive exams like medical entrance exam, engineering entrance exam, MBA entrance exam, job recruitment exams, and so on. So here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for those exams.

Goal Setting: One really needs to set a goal and focus all his energy towards the achievement of that goal. While goal setting, one needs to consider his ability, availability and resources. Clear setting of goal in advance helps in saving time which is most important for a student. A good strategy would always take you nearer to your goal.

Selection Of Right Study Material: A very common confusion that wastes the precious time of students is how to balance the school studies with competitive exam study. Student should try to find a way so that school studies can be incorporated within one’s competitive exams preparation strategy. One strategy is to look at each chapter as a chapter to be learnt, a material to be mastered; rather than studying it twice as school and competitive exam-related study material. Ultimately, if you gain clarity about the concepts of any topic and practice sufficient number of questions/numerical; one can face any examination whether of school or competition. As the examinations approach closer, previous year’s question papers is an important key to do well in the examinations for both school and competition.

Competition Planning: Besides studying for the exam, one needs to keep an eye on other things also. Before the exam preparation you should firstly know about essential aspects like the last date for application, minimum qualification required, number of seats available in course of your interest, percentage of marks required etc.

Time Management: Time management is the key to success. Everyone has only 24hours in a day, its only one who makes proper use of these 24 hours with right planning actually achieves the goal. Making time table is the thing that has helped most of the students. Student should distribute equal time to each section and once you have covered all the topics, more time should be given to the section or part in which you feel you are weak at.


Mock Tests: Mock tests are aimed at providing student with an idea about the exam and where their preparation stands is also analyzed in a mock test. It is not a difficult task to solve all the questions of any exam. But what is difficult is to solve all of them in limited time duration. For that reason student should take sample papers and try to solve them in a given time period which will enhance their performance in the real context.

Clarity Of Every Topic: Basic thing in a competitive exam is to complete it in a given time frame and the candidates need to complete their exam in time. In order to solve these questions in relatively less time, one needs to have clarity of fundamentals and basics related to every topic.

Sufficient Study Hours: Talking about the number of hours a student needs to study is a very difficult or rather an impossible question to answer.


Number of hours that you need to put in varies from student to student and course to course.

But it is also true that along with study one needs to take out time for sports, entertainment and other recreational activities for an overall development.