Addiction-free mothers, addiction-free society | 2017-10-12 |

Addiction-free mothers, addiction-free society

    12 October, 2017 12:00 AM printer

When Napoleon Bonaparte said, ‘Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilised, educated nation,’ he only drew our attention to the important role that women play in rearing an ideal society. Mothers occupy the central position in every family; the day to day affairs of all the families revolve round them. The upbringing of children is absolutely dependent on them. If mothers are educated and well-behaved, they will be able to bring up children as worthy citizens. Peace and tranquillity will prevail in society at large.

However, in the reverse way, if mothers are off the beaten track, families and by way that the greater society and the nation can only wait for a dark future. That is why it is of paramount importance how today’s girls and, therefore, tomorrow’s mothers are getting ready to put on their shoulders the great responsibility of nurturing an ideal society. While overwhelming majority of the females is advancing along the right path, a section of our girls are reportedly getting addicted to drugs of all sorts.

A girl’s or mother’s addiction is not just the addiction of an individual; it is addiction of a family, addiction of a society and ultimately addiction of a nation. Drug addiction of the male members will have damaging impact on a family but if the female members, especially the mothers get addicted, it will simply be ruined.

Appropriate steps must be taken in earnest to stop this worrisome trend, and to make the measures effective, the reasons of this damaging inclination should be found out. Experts at a discussion meeting in this connection mentioned of two reasons for this – namely, curiosity and peer pressure. If so, girls can be prevented from addiction and brought back to track rather easily. But if deep rooted reasons like discrimination against women and frustrations are the factors, then it may not be all that easy. However, psychologists and social scientists should put their heads together to suggest ways out.