Palestinians want Dhaka’s help to mobilise support for them | 2018-05-26 |

Palestinians want Dhaka’s help to mobilise support for them

Envoy tells the daily sun at exclusive interview

Md Enamul Hassan     26 May, 2018 12:00 AM printer

Palestinians want 
Dhaka’s help to mobilise support for them

Yousuf SY Ramadan

The Palestinian people want Bangladesh to play a leading role in mobilising support of the Muslim world in their struggle against Israel, said Palestinian Charge d’Affaires in Dhaka Yousuf SY Ramadan.

In an exclusive interview with the daily sun at his residence in the capital on Saturday, the Palestinian envoy said that his countrymen are grateful to their Bangladeshi brothers and sisters for their unconditional support towards their causes.

He recalled the contributions and assistance of the family members of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman for the Palestinian people during their hard time.

“Being the daughter of Bangabandhu, we want to see the incumbent prime minister will play a leading role in this regard,”   he hoped.

In reply to a query, the envoy said that Bangladesh had already condemned the Israeli atrocities on Palestinian people and its foreign minister also joined the extraordinary summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OCI) in Istanbul, Turkey.

He said: “The entire world has condemned the atrocities and even the fourteen members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) too condemned the Israeli massacre in Gaza.”

“But we expect from the Muslim countries to take a lead in this regard taking practical initiatives against Israel’s heinous crimes against humanity and we also hope the rest world will follow the suit,” he stated.

“As Jerusalem is in the heart of every Muslim, non-Muslims can’t lead  the movement for reclaiming the holy city from Israeli occupation,” he explained.

When asked, what else Bangladesh can do on the issue, he said: “Bangladesh is a sovereign country and none can dictate it what they will do.”

The envoy said: “There are many seasoned and veteran politicians in Bangladesh who have a lot of experience on the Palestinian issue.”

“Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is among them who is both courageous and prudent and she knows well what is necessary to do for her Palestinian brothers and sisters,” he continued.

Ramadan said: “The US move to shift their embassy to Jerusalem left the Palestinian people with no option.”

“All they can do is to tell the US that their action is not right at all,” he continued.

“In order to refute the US move, the Arab world should have to raise their voice and resist the unilateral and the unlawful act of the US,” he noted.

The Palestinian envoy said: “There is no need to take up arms to resist them; it can be done in a constructive and descent manner although the enemy is vicious and uncivilised.”

Ramadan emphasised on the need for unity of the Muslim world, especially the Arab world, to resist the heinous and barbaric aggression of Israel.

He mentioned that Turkey and Kuwait had set a bold example of constructive resistance with their recent actions and other Muslim countries could follow them.

He also mentioned that Turkey had recalled its ambassador from the US and convened the extraordinary summit of the OIC in protest against the US and Israeli actions.

“Kuwait has demanded of the UNSC for international investigations into Israeli heinous crimes against Palestine,” he continued.

“We the Palestinian people appreciate their bold and rare moves in favour of our cause in the strongest possible terms,” he observed.

In reply to a question, the envoy said: “Jerusalem is not only a piece of land; it’s a sanctum to every Muslim and Christian around the world.”

“This is heart of the State of Palestine and without the heart the state can’t exist,” he noted.

The Palestinian envoy expressed his dismay over the feeble role of some Arab countries on the Palestine issue and he called upon all the Muslim countries across the globe to take effective moves against Israel.

He also said: “It’s now crystal clear that the US has sided with Israel and they can no longer be an arbitrator between Israel and Palestine.”