Morning Tea
Child Deaths By Drowning : A Silent Epidemic Child Deaths By Drowning : A Silent Epidemic

High school teacher Azizur Rahman and his wife Maymuna Akter live in Nazirpur’s Sriramkathi under Pirojpur district. They had everything except a child. Thus they were very frustrated. They went…

The Hood
Are You Being Held Hostage By Google? Are You Being Held Hostage By Google?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Hey, Google! What do you know about me?” The answer may be like this - “Here is a summary from Quora. When you search on Google, they keep your search…

Young And Independent Young And Independent

Indie stands for independent and can extend to many different things including music, acting, designing and even fashion. It is a culture as well as an emotion that we are all familiar with to some…

Eid ul azha special
Fashion Forward Fashion Forward

Trying to create a unique look every Eid can be quite an arduous task. To begin with, you may have already exhausted all your ideas. Every dress that could be stylish or sophisticated may have already…

Valentine’s Day Special
Ode To Love Ode To Love

Love is in the air this week and that’s why Groove has adopted a very romantic vibe. Tune in for the most dazzling ideas on everything related to Valentine’s Day.