Bangladesh is favourite against Pakistan: Rameez Raja | 2019-05-19

Bangladesh is favourite against Pakistan: Rameez Raja

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19th May, 2019 01:01:13 printer

Bangladesh is favourite against Pakistan: Rameez Raja

Praising Bangladesh cricket team’s recent performances, Pakistan former star cricketer Rameej Raja said Bangladesh is favourite in the upcoming World Cup match against Pakistan to be held on June 5.

He said, 'Bangladesh may not be considered strong on paper, but they can defeat anyone in their day. Mashrafe led team Tigers to have the ability to do anything.'

The Cricket World Cup 2019 will kick off from May 30 with host England vs South Africa match. Bangladesh will start their World Cup mission on June with the match against South Africa. Then Bangladesh will take on Pakistan in Lords on June 5.

Rameez Raja keeps Bangladesh ahead of Pakistan on this match. He said If we keep in mind the recent performance and the precedent meeting of World Cup, then it everyone will have to agree that Bangladesh is well ahead of Pakistan.

Rameez Raja is a familiar name in Bangladesh's cricket. Due to his negative remarks about Bangladesh, he came to limelight in different times. He repeatedly hated because of his negative remarks about Bangladesh Cricket.

Before the upcoming World Cup held in England, Rameez Raja again discusses the cricket of Bangladesh. This time he did not comment negatively about the Tigers. Rameez said Bangladesh will be ahead then Pakistan in upcoming World Cup.

He also said Bangladesh beat Pakistan in Asia Cup and home series 3-0. So Pakistan should be more careful when they take on Bangladesh in the World Cup.