Status of Modern Housewives in India and Bangladesh

Sujayendra Das

2nd July, 2019 10:54:35 printer

Status of Modern Housewives in India and Bangladesh

Housewives in India and Bangladesh are playing pivotal roles in shaping up the development of families from diverse strata of both nations. As we are already aware of that all around the globe, there are sea changes taking place in every field of activities which is no doubt inclusive of richer, upper middle class and also poorer sections of societies. In this regard what we witness is that people of these strata come across diverse complications in their conjugal life among which the poorer classes are the worst affected.

To be more candid in this regard sometimes we also find that housewives of richer and upper middle classes also suffer from terrible harassment; thereby when the patience ultimately dilutes we find that divorce becomes the ultimate forte for them. For example, India being a vast nation where people of different religions and languages along with caste and creed reside in her 29 states and 9 Union Territories but pity part is that literacy rates have not improved as per expectations. Sometimes what we witness is highly distressing. Mothers or sometimes parents of husbands’ behave with the newlywed daughter-in-law in such a deleterious manner that paves the way for separation of the newlywed. This situation takes place in both India and Bangladesh which should be noted seriously to avoid in future.

Situation of post-marital phases in India:

India is a land of diverse cultures. The population at the present juncture is around 134 crores. In each state and union territory we find that there is a variation in each of them. In this regard the key psychology which crops up in our mind is adjustment among all newly married couples, there should not be any demand from the bridegroom and his family members upon bride’s family, behavioural pattern by bridegroom’s family towards bride’s should be reciprocal from the bride’s family too. The family members of both should pay their deep reverence towards each other. The families of bridegroom who are well educated always behave well with the groom’s family. Those not educated the scenario becomes just the reverse. So what is mostly required is the advancement of Indian literary percentages. In the urban areas of India as the literary rates have increased we find that the status of new housewives is always on an upswing trend. This is possible mainly due to the impact of advancement of literacy wave prevailing all over the country.

India is a vast nation where people of diverse religions and languages dwell in her states and union territories. As far as the basic  tenets of Independent Constitution is concerned, dowries should be discarded forever but what we witness in today’s scenario is that menace of dowry and other essential gifts are badly eating up the vitals of our societies, especially the post marital scenes in Indian social system. But exceptions are also noticeable in case of modern couples. Sometimes we also witness with utter grief and sorrow that married women also play mischief with their male counterparts which is also not at all acceptable.

Anyhow status of modern housewives in India should be salvaged at any cost. It dearly demands reciprocating mentalities of both males and females. In this regard the roles of parents of both are badly required.

Ways to upgrade status of modern Indian housewives:

There are various ways and means by which we are able to upgrade the status of modern housewives based all over India. Now as India is a growing economy all over the globe as well as around the Sub Continent the roles of women stand as paramount importance. Now we find that in every aspect of our social, cultural and business cum trade and commercial life women of modern India are dominating the show. Also in the world of medical science we find that women are no more lagging behind. As per the versions of historical data available with, we find that Anandi Gopalrao Joshi was regarded female physicians during the phase of Undivided India. Apart from Anandibhai who mainly practised Western Medicine Kadambini Ganguly was another undivided India’s female who shot into glorification during the period of Undivided India’s social and cultural life. Later on, prominent ladies who shot into unlimited fame during the period of undivided India. In this regard we still could not forget the names of the following who made a name in their respective disciplines: Late Biva Majumdar (First women lady PRS in Mathematics), late Mukulika Konar (Medical Sciences), late Sucheta Kripalini (Freedom fighter and public life), late Aruna Asaf Ali (Freedom fighter and pubic life), Bani Bose (teacher and writer), Late Suchitra Bhattarejee (civil servant cum writer), Late  Ashapurna Debi (Novelist), late Indira Gandhi (former Prime Minister), Sumitra Mahajan (Lok Sabha Speaker) , Meera Kumar (former Lok Sabha Speaker), lte Geeta Mukherjee (former Parliamentarian), Romila Thapar (Historian), lte Sunanda Dutta ( ormer academician) and Srabani Sen (Vocalist).

Now let me come to the process or ways and means by which we can upgrade the status of housewives in India which are stated as follow:

Modern Indian housewives should be accorded full respect by the in-law families;

Indian housewives should be well educated so that they remain confident till their last breath;

Good Indian housewives cooperate with their spouses and other family members for universal welfare in every field of activities;

Housewives should be of cooperative and amiable temperament just like their male counterparts;

Housewives should not loose tempers just like the way husbands has upon their wives.

Status of modern housewives in Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is a country of around 17 to 18 crore populace. She is half of Indian state of West Bengal, Tripura and other North Eastern states. Though the country is independent around 48 years back now she is striving for success in tune with the developments taking place all around Western World. Modern women from Bangladesh are striving in every field of activities. Thus names of some of the prominent women are stated as underneath: Sheikh Hasina (Prime Minister), Begum Khaleda Zia (former Prime Minister), Dr Depu Moni (Minister in the present government), Rezwana Chaudhuri Bannay (Rabindra Sangeet), Aditi Mohsin (Rabindra Sangeet), Papia Sarwar (Rabindra Sangeet), Surma Zakaria Chowdhury (Academician), Dr Nasrin Ahmad (Academician), Salma Akbar (Rabindra Sangeet) and Anima Ray (Rabindra Sangeet).

Despite the above names there might be more women especially housewives who shot prominently in various disciplines but due to non-availability of names they could not be placed in the above list. Anyhow, all the above stated housewives are quite well placed in the public domain in their respective field. They are also accorded adulations from across the country as well as from various overseas destinations. It is all our sincerest desire and cherishment that with the passing of time the housewives of both India and Bangladesh prosper in their respective field of activities and various other disciplines with the objective of upholding their pride and glory. Anyhow despite major impediments the above stated housewives are carrying on their lives amidst the spirit of courage and determination. Encouragement from husbands are also major contributory factors towards their successes.


                The writer is from Kolkata, India