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“A Good Opportunity Comes Once in Life”

    25 August, 2016 12:00 AM printer

“A Good Opportunity Comes Once in Life”


How the students should prepare themselves to face university admission tests?


For any student getting admission at a good university is very important. So to face university admission test a student must prepare him/herself seriously.

When it comes to admission test questions universities follow the curriculum of HSC. So I will advise the students to follow their HSC syllabus as they prepare themselves for university admission test.


Due to extreme competition not everyone can get admission at Dhaka University (DU). Regarding this what is your advice?


One should not become dishearten if he/she can’t get into DU. There are plenty of public and private universities out there where they can seek admission. If one takes solid preparation for university admission test then he/she can get admission at any top ranking public university of the country.


How essential is coaching for university admission?


I do not think that coaching is required to get admission at a good university. Universities prepare their question papers for admission test based on the HSC syllabus. Someone who took good preparation for his/her HSC examination can easily do well in university admission test.
It is often observed that students coming from outside Dhaka do well in university admission tests.
Yes it is true. Despite faced with lack of resources including good libraries and teachers, students from outside Dhaka manage to secure top positions at university admission tests. This proves that with merit and determination one can achieve anything.


When it comes to choosing subjects how important it is to keep the job market in mind?


It should be the choice of the students when it comes to selecting subjects. If a student takes a subject in which he/she is not interested then the student can’t do well in it. Guardians can advise their children when it comes to selecting subjects but should not force them to choose one. Employment is an important factor so when it comes to selecting subjects it is better to keep the job market in mind.


University or subject – which is more important?


This decision is better left to the students. I personally think that if one is studying a subject he/she likes then he/she can do well in it in any university. However, the importance of studying at a good university can’t be overlooked.
There are forty five thousand seats at public universities but every year seven hundred thousand pass HSC examination.
Those who can’t get admission at public universities have to get admission at private universities. However, the number of public universities should be increased in the country. I am optimistic that the present government will establish more public universities for the greater benefit of the people of the country.

Many universities are no longer giving the chance to sit for admission test second time.

DU is not allowing anyone to sit for admission test a second time. Currently many other universities are doing the same. There are many reasons behind this. The university admission committee took the decision after reviewing the statistics of the last five-seven years. It is often observed that students do not attend their university admission tests seriously the first time as many eye the second chance. This lack of seriousness has an effect on their education life as well. They should eye for success the first time and should not let go one year from their life to sit for admission test the second time. They should remember that a good opportunity comes only once. But one should not become hopeless if he/she fails to secure his/her favorite subject. Life is a long journey and there are surely more opportunities waiting ahead.