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“Remain True To Your Basics”

    25 August, 2016 12:00 AM printer

“Remain True To Your Basics”


Professor Dr. Sharfuddin Ahmed is currently working as the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU), Dhaka.

Till now it is the only medical university of the country. He is also the Chairman of Department of Community Ophthalmology, BSMMU. One of the finest eye specialists of the country, Dr. Ahmed is the President of Ophthalmological Society of Bangladesh. He is also the vice-chairman of Bangladesh Country Coordinating Mechanism. A visionary educationist with sound academic background Professor Dr. Sharfuddin Ahmed is the senate member of the University of Dhaka. He also served as the secretary general of Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA).


Medical Admission Test is one of the most important examinations for the students of Science group as the exam determines the future for them. If you want to become a doctor in Bangladesh, you have to sit for this examination and pass it with good marks. In our country, many parents expect to see their children as doctors. Besides, a large portion of the people considers this profession as a good option of making money. Neither the pressure of the guardians nor the financial benefits, rather your own passion to serve the mass people through this noble profession should be the foremost reason to be a student of a medical college. Talent, hard work and determination of the students are necessary to achieve success. Meanwhile patience and uphill struggle are must for medical admission test.

I would suggest the candidates to complete the preparation step by step. As the result of HSC examination has already been published, I think you have already taken enough preparations for the upcoming important exam on 7 October. Just remain true to your basics. Remember that the candidates who are brilliant but have less perseverance will not be able to succeed in the medical admission test. The combination of brilliance and hard work may help you to achieve your goal. Keep the momentum perfect. Regularity is the most important thing in a student’s life. You have to continue your efforts till the exam day. Some of the candidates who really have brilliant results in SSC and HSC, but irregular in preparing themselves for the exam may fail to pass it. Average candidates sometimes easily pass the admission test as a result of their tremendous hard work and determination.

Medical admission covers huge study areas. For this test, you must have a clear idea about everything of your textbooks. There are many books in the market. There are also some guide books. You may look for the previous years’ questions and model tests in the guide books. But, reading those as primary books will not help you. You may skip some chapters of the text books, but it will bring you poor marks for sure. So, decide whether you want good marks and remain confident before the result or you want poor marks and remain tensed till the result.

The exam will consist of two parts carrying 200 marks: i) 100 marks based on SSC and HSC results and ii) another 100 for MCQ Questions. SSC GPA will be multiplied by 8 and HSC GPA will be multiplied by 12. So, if you have GPA 5.00 in both these examinations, you will get (5×8) + (5×12) =100 marks. The main decider will be your MCQ exam. You will have 30 marks for Biology, 25 for Chemistry, 20 for Physics, 15 for English and 10 for General Knowledge. You must have sound knowledge in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Otherwise, you will not be able to perform well. If you are a student of Science group, you may have good command over these subjects. Often medical admission seekers don’t put emphasis on English and General Knowledge and such negligence ultimately harms their result. So, focus on each subject for your success. If you get more than 75-80 in the examination, you may get chance in a public medical college to study MBBS.

During the MCQ exam, you will have to fill the correct circles of your answer sheet for ensuring the correct answers of the provided question. There may not be the exact answers of some questions. You have to fill up the most probable answers of those questions. Candidates should also remember that there is negative marking. 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong answer. So, make sure that you fill in the correct circles after confirming the appropriate answers.

As there is no shortcut, you need to work very hard. Those who will pass this exam will be really lucky. But those who will not pass it, don’t be upset, as there will always be a better opportunity waiting for you. I wish good luck to all of the candidates.