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A La Mode

Fashion is sometimes inspired from art, sometimes from culture. It is sometimes rhythmic and flows like poetry. At other times, it is loud and conspicuous. Inspiration can be fleeting. If you’re committed to staying focused on creating new styles for yourself that is both charming and trendy, the quintessential rule is to blend in with something unique. As paradoxical as it may sound, you may not want to stand out too much, yet you would want to steal the limelight of the occasion. A great way to achieve this paradox is by blending elegance with glamour. The subtle and demure elegant beauty gives you a reserved, graceful stance while the glamorous styles merged in send out a more posh and sophisticated aura. Here are some ideas you could work with:

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A La Mode

Model: Raisa | Photo: Abu Naser | Wardrobe: Bibiana | Stylist: Syed Ruma | Story: Nusrat Jahan Pritom | Make-up: Ban Thai Barber & Beauty Salon |

Surreal Tranquility


A lustrous saree with beautiful motifs can be your style solution for the hi-fashion parties of 2017. Just consider how marvelously it blends in to any occasion, yet demands a certain conspicuousness! Keeping the chilly, wintry weather in mind, a shawl can accompany the saree look very gracefully and also keep you warm. It is better to opt for a shawl with a slightly different colour to make both the saree as well as the shawl look attractive. For example, if you are wearing a red saree with a red shawl, the saree and shawl would block each other’s grandeur as they resemble each other. But a different colour theme gives each a bit of space and makes the total ensemble look even more alluring. The perfect hairstyle for this style is the classical bun.


Simply Sophisticated


Sophisticated fashion requires one to be confident, nonchalant and unaffected by any reaction of others. It echoes beauty in tones of simplicity. Whether it is working with the current trends or not, fashion has countless dimensions. Embodying sophisticated style is possible when one understands her uniqueness in terms of taste, style and personality. A burst of colours in your attire can make your fashion very lively and sophisticated.



Tuned To Comfort


While thinking about trends, comfort should not be ignored. Fashion is meant to be fun, but sometimes the best way to put your seasoned style skills to use is by creating looks that feel comfortable and look gorgeous. A long kameez with a pattern work of different shades of blue can be such an example. As the colours in the attire are very bright, you can keep makeup subdued. Opt for bare lipstick, brown or shimmering pink blushes that resemble your skin tone. A simple trick of kajol can look splendid with this outfit.


Epitome of Beauty


The basic principle of achieving a beautiful and elegant look is quite simple. A timeless elegant woman is graceful, neat in her habits and exudes charm as well as confidence. There is finesse in her fashion observance which is apparent from her signature style. In her fashion, she works with a beautiful contrast of colours that are not too loud, yet pleasant and attractive. Her dress has minimal design which appeals to the eyes. Her hairstyle is neat and her makeup is light, yet classy. These are all the prerequisites to make anyone an epitome of beauty.