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Youths Who Have Made Bangladesh Proud

Every now and then we put the blame on our youths for not doing anything significant. Well, that is not always true because we often forget that even our youths are doing so many good works and earning repute at home and abroad. This week, we will explore some of their stories of courage, intellect and talent.

Nusrat Jahan Pritom     12 January, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Youths Who Have Made Bangladesh Proud

Korvi Rakshand, Founder of JAAGO Foundation


This charming young social entrepreneur has proven how small steps can make big changes. Through his tireless efforts, he and his team in JAAGO has educated countless slum kids and given them the hope of a better life. In 2007, he created the JAAGO Foundation. With 17 students he started a free-of-cost-school in the slum area of Rayer Bazar, which now runs classes for nearly thousands of students. In March 2011, JAAGO opened another school in the Karail slum area of Banani, and in September 2011 opened its first Online School in Gazipur, Tongi in partnership with Grameenphone and Agni Systems Limited. Not just that, in May 2011 JAAGO Foundation launched its volunteer wing, Volunteer for Bangladesh, to empower the young people of the country. Members of JAAGO keep themselves busy doing various social works for the welfare of society. JAAGO has 13 schools nationwide catering to the education needs of 2500 students. Over 22,000 thousand registered youth volunteers work on raising awareness about education and various social campaigning projects. Korvi has won various awards both nationally and internationally. He won the Mosaic International Award Talent 2010 from HRH Prince of Wales, Prince Charles and Commonwealth Youth Awards 2013. He was listed “Top 99 under 33 Influential Foreign Policy Leaders” in 2013 by The Diplomatic Courier and was amongst the top 10 Most Inspirational Bangladeshis Worldwide by the British Bangladesh Power and Inspiration 100 at the British Parliament Commonwealth Room.


Undoubtedly, Korvi is one of the most influential young men from Bangladesh who is inspiring the youths of an entire nation.


Mabia Akhter Simanta, The Gold Medal Achiever

Mabia Akhter Simanta who is still a teenager has made the entire nation proud! She achieved the first gold medal for Bangladesh in the 12th South Asian Games in the women’s 63-kg weight category of weightlifting at the Bhogeshwari Phukanani Indoor Stadium in Dispur, Guwahati in 2016.


She also won a gold medal in youth section and two silver medals in senior and junior section in the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championship in Pune, India in October 2015 in the women’s 63 kg category. She lifted a total weight of 176 kg in winning the gold medal. Such an act of strength will definitely inspire women all over the country. Simanta has proved that nothing is impossible for women.



Samid Razzak, Initiator of 10-Minute School

Samid represented 10-Minute School in GIST TECH-I competition, Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Silicon Valley, USA last year. “Visiting Stanford University, Silicon Valley where Larry Page (Google Founder), Evan Spiegel (Snap Chat Founder), John F Kennedy (U.S President), Steve Jobs (Apple Founder) and many other legends once studied was like a dream coming true for me,” Samid shared. 10-Minute School is the first ever platform in Bangladesh through which students can learn by watching tutorials, practice by taking tests online, monitor their progress, compare with their peers and more; and all of this is completely free for anyone who has access to internet. “It was the idea of Ayman Sadiq.


When he first pitched the idea to me back in 2013, I knew it was going to be something big. Since then I am a part of it.” Samid was able to attend an intensive training session conducted by top Silicon Valley investors who have been working with Google, Facebook and many other top global IT based companies. “Global Entrepreneurship Summit is the biggest entrepreneurship summit in the world and I got the chance to represent our startup 10-Minute school in GIST TECH-I competition there in front of world famous investors. We won the honourable mention award there which helped us gain seed capital and be a prestigious Silicon Valley funded start up. At that time top Silicon Valley investors helped me closely and mentored me directly to polish my ideas in the competition. Since I run an education website, you will be surprised to know that one of my mentors from Silicon Valley introduced me to Salman Khan of Khan Academy. It was a life-changing moment for me.”

Recently Samid has founded and presented the idea of eSAFE, a universal life-saving app to aid emergency response, in Telenor Youth Forum 2016. “The idea is not to live forever, the idea is to create something that will,” shared this young man.



Nishat Mazumder, Everest Climber

Nishat, an accountant by profession, hoisted the Bangladeshi flag atop the 8,848-metre-high peak of Mount Everest, becoming the first Bangladeshi woman to make it to the top of the highest mountain in the world. She reached the northern side of the mountain with the team on 19 May, 2012. Nishat is a role model for girls all around the world to reach every height imaginable.



Mohammed Uddin, Chief
Adviser, Neurogen

Not too long ago, Bangladeshi born Mohammed Uddin, also known as Dafil, made headlines on international media for his breakthrough discovery on the development of autism. The genesis of autism has puzzled people over the years. In Bangladesh, it is said that about ten percent of people suffer from some kind of challenge or disability and that the number of autistic kids are rising over the years.

While most people do not even know about autism, Mohammed Uddin has discovered a pattern to the genesis of autism. Before, scientists had to hire a programming specialist to interpret the data locked in the genetic structure. As Mohammed was both a computer scientist and geneticist, he not only unlocked the data but had the knack to dig further. “Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a lifelong neuropsychiatric condition affecting multiple domains of life i.e. communication, socialization and behaviour. No cure is available yet and it is a devastating lifelong condition that manifest early in childhood. This harsh reality prompted me to understand autism better through research,” said Mohammed. Using Mohammed’s analysis, researchers were able to identify 30, 000 exons in the human genome that were highly expressed during brain development. Mohammed’s discoveries brought him worldwide recognition.

He is using his intellect and skills at the moment to develop a comprehensive genetic testing company, Neurogen, on a large scale which would be the first ever of its kind in Bangladesh. “Though there are some miniature projects on this, there has not been any wide-scale project in our country. I am trying my expertise to enhance the scene here. Neurogen will focus on various research-based genetic testing. The possibilities are endless. The future lies in personalized medicine. Right now, clinicians are not aware of a person’s genetic architecture, even though many diseases such as autism, schizophrenia, cancer, etc. are based on genes. Even in medicine, two patients may respond differently for their different genetic structure. By understanding the singularity in one’s genetic composition, one can avail of customized therapy. Doctors can have genetic data and prescribe medicine. There is still a long way to go. I would like to map out the genetic structure of mass people in Bangladesh which can in time help people in many ways. That’s why I am trying to set up a group, involved in both public and private sectors”, said Mohammed.  

Well, such phenomenal contribution of these youths cannot be under-estimated rather it is a matter of pride that our youths are also trying to invent something or thinking about excelling in particular fields.