Technology Taking A Heavy Toll On Family Life | 2017-10-13 |


Technology Taking A Heavy Toll On Family Life

Fatema Afroz Subha     13 October, 2017 12:00 AM printer

Technology Taking A Heavy Toll On Family Life

Nowadays parents often complain that their sons or daughters are leading a rather eccentric lifestyle by staying awake at night and sleeping all day long, browsing internet all the time or talking to their friends and playing video games on their smart phones. Not only that the food habits of the youths have changed over the recent years as they show no interest in homemade foods while they have made eating junk food and fast food in the restaurants a habit and they crave for them every day. And a matter of serious concern is that the relationships between the youths and their family members are losing their strength day by day owing to the increasing influence of technology.

The use of gadgets has increased around the world with its manifold merits and demerits. The shocking part of it is that most of today’s teens in general consider that this world is all about gadgets, friends and other stuffs, forgetting the reality. And it would not be an exaggeration if we say that they feel like a fish out of water if they have to spend a single hour estranged from internet, computer or smart phone. As gadgets like smart phones keep them absorbed, they waste their valuable time on them, forgetting their family responsibilities, and they seldom interact with their family members.  Although internet and other forms of gadgets have taken this world to a completely different dimension, these things have negatively affected our youths in many ways.

While youths’ relationships with their family members are deteriorating to an alarming extent in our age, the scenario was quite different even a couple of years ago. At that time, people used to spend quality time with their family members within their house or outside. Then, people used to go to cinemas with their whole family. Moreover the family members had love, affection, respect and a sense of forgiveness and compromise. But now many families, particularly those of upper class, have lost that kind of bondage among themselves. There was a time when family members used to gather around the dining table and have meal together. At that time the biggest nuisance for the family was the phone ringing during dinner time. But it is now common to see our loved ones hunched over their phones or tablets as they take one distracted bite of their food. Once the plates are cleared family members move to the living room for watching television or simply head to the bedroom without talking to each other and sharing each other’s problems. This is how technology is leaving huge impacts on our family life.


However, we should not ignore the necessity of our family bonding for many reasons. For example, being with your family builds your self-esteem, gives you a pleasant mind-set, nurtures your positive behavior, relieves stress, teaches you about your responsibilities towards other human beings, and ultimately it helps you find a healthy lifestyle. However, every now and then these teens argue that whereas in western countries the youths have full freedom to live their life as they want, then why can’t they? In fact, in countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Saudi Arab etc. we have family values and people regard them as essential elements of the society and religion. And there is no denying the fact that spending a good time, something like creating happy memories and bringing smiles on the faces of our loved ones, is what counts the most in your life.

Well, sometimes there may be some exceptional cases when one’s family environment itself becomes toxic for one’s living, but a casual discussion may often help you resolve your problem and sweeten your relationship with your family members.  

However technology is not going to suddenly disappear, nor is the family. The family unit, like technology, is constantly changing. In the end, it is the role of the family members themselves to moderate how much technology is allowed to permeate the core of family communication.