Tokyo to continue support to Dhaka: Japanese FM | 2016-08-03 |

Tokyo to continue support to Dhaka: Japanese FM

'There's an urgent need to review safety measures'

Sun Online Desk     3rd August, 2016 11:50:00 printer

Tokyo to continue support to Dhaka: Japanese FM

Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida has said their government is determined to continue its support to Bangladesh and other developing countries but there is an 'urgent need' to review the safety measures for the people involved in continuing the supports.


"We've been conducting deliberations in the Council on Safety Measures for International Cooperation Projects, which was established under me, while also hearing the views of experts from the private sector," Kishida was quoted as saying in a document released by the Japanese Foreign Ministry on Tuesday night.


The Japanese Foreign Minister said his ministry will firmly continue to make efforts following the direction suggested in the interim report so that he can receive the final report in August.


"Japan will resolutely not tolerate terrorism. We intend to work together with the international community and take all possible measures to eradicate terrorism and protect the safety of overseas Japanese nationals," Kishida said.


Responding to a question regarding the bid for the coal-fired power plant financed by Japanese ODA in Bangladesh, the Japanese Foreign Minister said there is no change whatsoever in the Japanese policy to engage in a wide range of assistance and contributions, including development cooperation, with developing countries.


"This wide range of assistance and cooperation is an important aspect of Japan's diplomatic efforts in the international community, and I believe that it is important to continue to implement this thoroughly," he said.


The safety of personnel and Japanese nationals is the most important prerequisite for this, he said adding that they are conducting a variety of studies and reviews, and taking steps to this end.


As for undertaking the specific project, the circumstances differ from country to country, project to project, Kishida said.


"So we must carefully deal with each individual case. The Japanese government intends to exert our utmost efforts, while thoroughly promoting our fundamental idea that I have mentioned in the international community," he added.