Shillong—the abode of clouds | 2017-03-02 |

Shillong—the abode of clouds

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Shillong—the abode of clouds


The city of Shillong is often considered to be a place where nature is in its primal beauty; where clouds and the sun express their own camaraderie through a vivid interlay of sunshine and shadow; where the colonial remnants meet the upsurge of modern day influence and where music runs through the veins of everyone you come across.



So naturally, there is a lot to see in Shillong, which is, by the way, true to the core; but to tag the city as merely a 'places to visit paradise' would be sheer injustice to the lesser known opportunities for action and adventure.


Things to do in Shillong can be turned into a full-fledged vacation idea rather than just a part of the itinerary.


Embark on a musical journey in the city often referred to as India's Rock Capital and a watchful stroll along the narrow alleys is a good start to have. Extend your sojourn and see names like Lou Majaw, Afflatus and Soulmate in their own territory.



For the ones who like things ready-on-a-platter, we suggest you visit Shillong during any music concert.



Once your thirst for melody is quenched, time for some water rappelling at the Elephant Falls; golfer or non golfer, Shillong Golf Course is one place you would not want to miss out on; take a leisurely stroll along the Wards Lake and indulge in water activities like boating, skiing and rowing at the Umiam Lake.