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Historic March 1971

Protest against Pak rulers everywhere

Amir Hossain     6th March, 2017 01:20:54 printer

Protest against Pak rulers everywhere

Today, Monday, is the 6th day of March, the month of start of our Liberation War. On this day in 1971 the country was boiling in protest against the conspiracy and repression of Pakistani rulers against the Bangalee nation.

It was a time when the nation was engaged in non-cooperation movement called by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Bangabandhu had announced on 3 March the historic non-cooperation movement and called for observing hartal everyday till 6 March. Accordingly hartal was observed on 6 March across the country and people demonstrated against military rule.  

Alongside, preparations were in progress for the grand rally at Race Course Maidan next day, 7 March to be addressed by Bangabnadhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman outlining the future course of action to realise the demands of the people.

On 6 March, a number of people were killed at different places of the country including Chittagong, Khulna and Rajshahi as the protests and demonstrations continued. On 6 March in an address over the radio Yahya Khan summoned the National Assembly Session in Dhaka from 25 March. In the speech Yahya held Awami League responsible fro the crisis in the country.

Shahebzada Yakub Khan was removed from the post of East Pakistan Governor as he refused to kill people indiscriminately. In his place Tikka Khan known as the ‘butcher of Beluchistan’ was appointed the governor.

 Against this backdrop people were eagerly waiting for 7 March to get the directives from Bangabandhu.