Baby monkey mourns its mother's death (Video) | 2017-03-14 |

Baby monkey mourns its mother's death (Video)

Sun Online Desk     14th March, 2017 09:52:52 printer

Baby monkey mourns its mother's death (Video)

A baby monkey and its mum had been trying to cross the road in Elathur, Southern India. The mother was run over by a vehicle on the Tamil Nadu-Karnataka highway on Friday, March 10.


The baby, seeing its mother had been hurt, rushed to its side and tried to wake her up.


It then hugged her and kept its ears to her chest as if checking for a heartbeat. As soon as it realised its mother had died it started to weep.



The heartbreaking video of a baby monkey crying over its dead mother is going viral on social media, and it's making people cry.


The 44-second clip shows the baby monkey lying next to her and weeping, while people gathered around them.


Witness K Saravanan said: 'Losing a loved one will be painful not just for human beings. Animals too mourn. We saw the young monkey weeping over the carcass of its mother.'


The report adds that the police reached the spot and managed to separate the two. Locals and bystanders then carried the carcass to a burial ground and conducted its last rites while the baby monkey watched from a distance.


Villager G Sathyanarayanan said: 'The baby monkey jumped from one tree to another tree and followed us when we carried the carcass.'  


The video has been shared widely on social media. One version, linked below, has amassed over 28,000 views since it was published on March 10.