It’s a different world today: Shah Rukh | 2017-03-20 |

It’s a different world today: Shah Rukh

    19th March, 2017 09:47:04 printer

It’s a different world today: Shah Rukh

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, a doting father to three, says he is planning to quit smoking and drinking and adopt a healthier lifestyle to stay fit and be around longer for his children.


The 50-year-old actor’s remark came during a session at the India Today Conclave in Mumbai. Asked if being an old parent he feared not getting enough time to spend with AbRam, his four-year-old son, SRK said, “Yes, that’s an issue, that thought comes in my head, it came last night.

One way to look at it is to keep yourself healthy.” The My Name is Khan star said he wants to spend the next 20-25 years of his life with his kids and so he has been maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “I am planning to give up all (smoking, drinking, etc) and try to be healthier and happier,” he said.


Khan was 15 years old when his parents passed away and he says he holds that against them. “I don’t want my children to hold that against me that I was not there,” he says. On a lighter note, Khan said he wants to embarrass his kids and be around hounding them for a long time.


“I want to be there to give them advice completely out of context and irrelevant. I want to find out about their personal lives when they are hating me for doing so.


I want to be cumbersome and troublesome to my children. So I should work towards it and get healthy,” he says.


“I am working with younger girls just to keep up with my children,” Khan. “I am not doing it out of any mid-life crisis. I am only doing it to make myself feel younger and get in touch with the younger me,” he said.


The actor’s opinions have many a times landed him into controversies. Khan says he has promised his family he won’t get into trouble again.                       —Hindustantimes