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Haemophilia patients on rise

Staff Correspondent     17th April, 2017 07:28:33 printer

Haemophilia patients on rise

Speakers at a programme said the number of patients with haemophilia has been growing throughout the world.


A coordinated effort is now required to treat and rehabilitate haemophilia patients, as one in each ten thousand is suffering from the medical condition, they said.


They were addressing a seminar organised by Haemophilia Society and Chittagong Medical College in the port city on Monday, marking the World Haemophilia Day- 2017. They also took out a procession on the occasion.


Haemophilia is a medical condition in which the ability of the blood to clot is severely reduced, causing the sufferer to bleed severely from even a slight injury. The condition is typically caused by a hereditary lack of a coagulation factor.


Speaking on the occasion, Principal of Chittagong Medical College Dr Selim Mohammad Jahangir said patients with ‘haemophilia A’ often bleed longer than usual. Bleeds can also occur internally, into joints and muscles, or externally, from minor cuts, dental procedures or trauma, he said.


He also explained how frequently a person bleeds and the severity of those bleeding depends on how much FVIII is in the plasma, the straw-coloured fluid portion of blood.


President of Chittagong Branch of Bangladesh Medical Association Dr Mujibul Haque Khan said that patients with haemophilia should consult hematologists.


“A medical health history is important to help determine if other relatives have been diagnosed with the bleeding disorder or have experienced symptoms. Tests that evaluate clotting time and a patient’s ability to form a clot may be ordered. A clotting factor test, called an assay, will determine the type of haemophilia and its severity,” he added.