Sitting bus service ends, direct service begins | 2017-04-18 |

Sitting bus service ends, direct service begins

Sun Online Desk     18th April, 2017 12:21:37 printer

Sitting bus service ends, direct  service begins



Today is the third consecutive day after stopping sitting service in the capital.


Bus helpers were seen that they are calling passengers for direct bus service which is local. The office goers are also going by the local bus despite high fare due to lack of time.


It was seen in Mohammadpur bus stand on Tuesday morning, some buses, includes Moitri, ATCL, MTCL, FTCL, Midway are plying on the street as per the previous rules.


The bus fare from Mohammadpur to Arambagh is Tk 20 for each passenger. If any passengers get down in Dhanmondi, they have to pay also Tk 20.


Drivers of Moitri buses said, they are driving the bus as local in day time and office time as direct. They are also taken money Tk 20 whereever passengers get down.


Even, it was seen that ATCL’s bus drivers were calling  passengers for direct service.


It is noted that no drives of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) teams or transport owners were  seen in the Mohammadpur area to stop the sitting service.