Call for end to ‘anarchy’ in city transport system | 2017-04-19 |

Call for end to ‘anarchy’ in city transport system

Sun Online Desk     19th April, 2017 02:00:07 printer

Call for end to ‘anarchy’ in city transport system

National Committee to Protect Shipping, Roads and Railways (NCPSRR) has demanded immediate end to ‘anarchy’ in the city’s public transport system created over the ongoing drive against the so-called sitting bus services.


Manzurul Ahsan Khan, adviser of the NCPSRR and its general secretary Ashis Kumar Dey in a statement on Tuesday made the demand to the government and all concerned.


They also called for taking action against the bus owners who are charging extra fare, carrying passengers beyond capacity and creating artificial transport crisis in the city.


The NCPSRR leaders alleged that a section transport owners and workers kept around 40 percent buses and mini-buses off city roads, creating severe transport crisis.


City commuters have been suffering a lot for the last three days due to transport crisis as Bangladesh Road Transport Authority launched drive against so-called sitting bus services. 


The NCPSRR leaders demanded that the BRTA continue its drive to restore discipline in the road transport and sought cancellation of rout permit of the  vehicles which have been kept off city streets.


They also called on the government to take stern action against the transport owners and workers who responsible for creating anarchy in road transport in violation of law.


The NCPSRR leaders stressed the BRTA should be given more power to ensure smooth traffic in city and demanded sufficient buses under it to ease transports crisis.