Eating fruits can actually make you happy | 2017-06-06 |

Eating fruits can actually make you happy

Sun Online Desk     6th June, 2017 10:47:59 printer

Eating fruits can actually make you happy


Wellness is happiness. Rich in nutrients, fruits are considered as all-round wellness food. Hence, they are also said to be a big happiness booster, according to several studies.


Happiness increased with each extra portion of fruit daily, according to findings of a study led by professor Andrew Oswald at the University of Warwick in London.


"Eating fruit and vegetables boosts our happiness far more quickly than it improves human health,” Oswald said.


According to the study, people who turned to consuming fruits daily from almost no fruit showed increase in life satisfaction. It showed positive psychological benefits within two years of an improved diet consisting of more fruit and vegetables.


So change your daily diet pattern. Add more fruits to your diet. Increase the portion of fruits you consume daily. It would help you stay fit and healthier. After all, the state of mental and physical wellness is directly linked to the health status of a person.


The healthier you become, the more beautiful you will appear. The better you look and feel, more happier you will be. Eat more fruits of all kinds and stay happy.