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If a girl does these 11 things, never let her go

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If a girl does these 11 things, never let her go

Scientists all over the world are researching the extremely complicated issues surrounding love and relationships and they have spent thousands of hours trying to figure out how people fit together and what qualities they need to bring into a relationship to make it a happy and lasting one.


In the 21st Century, it is believed that men and women are constantly trying to find their right match, or more like “perfect partner”. While all we are trying to look for is someone who only compliments about our personality not who we can share our good or bad news with.

Below written points will help you getting the girl you should marry:


If she believes in you


Remember love can make you do things reaching extremes from both sides. This can be constructive as well as destructive too. Choose your girl wisely. Choose the one who sees a hero in you and would do anything to keep you motivated.Being loved by someone is a very beautiful feeling. You all need a girl that believes in you and supports you in any matter.


If she knows how to decrease your anger


This can be a greatest quality if a girl can bring you down from the “I’m going to leave you” state to “I love you” state. If she can understand you and keep quiet listening to you then that’s a blessing. Your girlfriend’s way of dealing with you while you are angry may matter a lot. If she knows how to deal with your anger instead of being annoyed, you have found the right person, my friend.


If she trusts you


It can take more time to earn someone’s trust but trust is like a glass. It can be easily be broken. While trust is the very beautiful thing to have, it is more adorable if your lover has it in” you”. It’s very fortunate to have someone in life who can completely trust you with everything. If your girl trusts you and wishes well for you. You are a lucky guy. Lack of trust can be as harmful as the poison of the snake.


If she complements your humor


When you are in a relationship with a girl, there a lot of things that count. These things determine whether or not you should carry on your relationship for a long term. If she goes crazy when you crack a joke, and well, if she adds sugar to the joke you made, she is a keeper, never let her go, She is yours for a lifetime.


 If she shares your taste in music, movies, etc;


A good relationship requires valuable time together. You can often go to the cinemas if girl has the same choice as you. When it comes to films, music, and TV shows these things will matter because in your long run you both will be doing these things frequently.


If she doesn’t apply ‘elastic band theory’


The famous movie “Men are from are Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray depicts a concept called “Elastic Band Theory”. Men need their space and sometimes it can be huge. Women should treat them like rubber-bands. For say, when men need space they go way far away just like when you stretch a rubber-band. Then, when they’re gone they start to realize their girl’s value more and more. It’s just the same as when you stretch the band, the faster it will come back together from both sides.


 If she makes you act, not just dream


Behind every successful man, there is a woman. You’ve been hearing for a long time that men are dreamers. If your girl can put off all the breaks and wakes you up with energy that you can achieve your dreams into reality.


If she respects your family


Taking your girl to lunch sometime with your family is a good idea. If she gets some good laughs around the corner, your parents will like her & even your siblings may enjoy her company. Then seriously! She is precious and you should care about her smile.


If she respects your privacy


In most cases seen, girls are possessive, they persuade their men to spend the golden(spare) time with them. That we should call an excessive love and care, but it’s not healthy. Everyone in this world needs some time for themselves, So, if your girl understands that and lets you have some “Friendly time” with your buddies, then your girl is an Angel sent by God.


If she fights your bad intentions


You might want to quit smoking but can’t because it’s just too hard and you’ve been doing it for a long time and can’t find the strength to do it but then this amazing girl comes along and changes everything. Sometimes, It’s a matter of your intentions. Your intentions can lead you to get the best in you but then, your girl comes along and makes space in your head, heart, and soul and then your realize that you can easily fight those demons.


If she exposes you to intellectual things


When your girl exposes you to things like new books that make you think of things you never thought before. Or to poetry that can make you feel the different emotions or even to music that you never knew you would like so much you are required to keep her in your life because she is creating good sources for you to build your character even more stronger than ever.


Source: Bornrealist