How to care for cotton clothes on rainy days | 2017-07-14 |

How to care for cotton clothes on rainy days

Sun Online Desk     14th July, 2017 10:29:58 printer

How to care for cotton clothes on rainy days


Splurge and splash in cotton clothes during monsoon may not be a good idea. Mud and dirt stain on cotton clothes are hard to remove. The fabric also crinkle and get soiled easily. But cotton clothes are light and most comfortable to wear during hot and humid season. Synthetic fabrics, though dry quickly, tend to stick to your skin when wet. If you choose to wear cotton dresses in the rain, all you need to do is play safe. Here are five simple must-do for your cotton wears.


1 Bright colours can brighten a gloomy day, but avoid colourful fabrics if you are stepping out in the rain, as the colour may run when wet. Stick to softer shades. Colour of the dye on the skin may also cause skin irritation. Dirt on beige and light browns are less visible.


2 Avoid strong detergent while washing cotton clothes, as it may cause discolouring of the clothes. Use gentle and less detergent


3 Wash the whites separately. Dry them separately, away from colour clothes. Also, store them separately. Do not use strong washing soap to wash them, as it may leave behind patches of different shades of white.


4 Air them well, as clothes that are not properly dried can smell real bad and are hard to go. Sweat and bad body adour can also make the clothes stink. So wash them regularly and make sure to dry them well. Run an iron on them when you find it difficult to dry them.   


5. Try to remove stains on them with stain remover or use household tips such as milk or white flouride toothpaste. Just make sure the ingredient you sue to remove stain doesn't worsen it. Scrub and rinse them well.